Rob Gray signed by Pacers D-league affiliate

Developmental league

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Damn, this is great news.

Not to be that person, but being drafted by the Pacers G-League affiliate is not the same as signing with the Pacers. Not going to edit someone else’s thread title, but think it is misleading.

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You’re being that person.

So just to give you guys a breakdown of how it works. It appears Fort Wayne has brought 18 players to training camp. That is composed of the Pacers two way players, returning players, players they got in trades, tryout players (4 allowed), and draft picks. They are able to keep 12 players (10 G-League contracts and 2 two-way players). Cut date will be November 1st to know if Gray makes the team. Interesting note, Alandise Harris is also in camp.

Btw, for those who don’t know, Houston had the option to keep Gray’s rights for the Rio Grande Valley Vipers but decided not to. I assumed that is what they were going to do. If for some reason Gray does not make Fort Wayne, he is placed in the player pool where he can be picked up by any other G-League team. Since the contracts they sign are with the league, not individual teams, he technically would have a 14 day waiting period (to not pay a buyout) before he could take a deal overseas. I say technically because that is a new rule and I don’t think they will enforce it for guys who get cut in camp.

Also for those who care, G-League contracts are $35,000 for the 5 month term.

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But it’s a start. We have had other guys go the hard route before, but in the long run made it to the big league. Here’s hoping for the best for Rob, I really enjoyed watching him play. And, I just like the young man.

Its really up to him. He has the talent.

Simmons went that route and eventually caught on with the Spurs. It can be done, just requires a lot of work.

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