By BS refs.
Technical foul on the bench killed us.
Then calling a charge on the last play…they gave the driver the benefit all game then they call it with 0.6 seconds.

Yes, we were a little sloppy. We did not shoot wide open 3 balls well.

But damn, Temple got half their points at the FT line. At one point they were 23 for 26.

Temple is good, but team them with those refs and they are really tough


Technical fouls were the difference but that was a charge. Temple played really well most of the game. Time to regroup.

I had less of an issue with the charge than the tech calls on Davis and Sampson. Brooks was hanging on the rim.

Last foul could have gone either way. When guys are stretching on tip toes they often call the block.


It’s not something you call at the end of the game. I bet they wouldn’t have called it if Temple was on offense. It was a no-call, IMO. Then again, I’m a Cougar fan.