Robot dental assistants?

I wonder how this would be received by the public. How would you guys like it? Maybe a company to invest in? not even sure they are public to be honest.

Nothing replaces a friendly smile:

I’m not really thrilled about the concept actually. The robot would just be the dental assistant, which
is okay I guess. Seems more like a gimmick to me, but if a dentist could replace the assistant
with the robo-assistant perhaps it helps on economics for all ? Maybe kids would be excited about
it or be terrified to death of the thing. I dunno. A video of it in action would be helpful.

This is just creepy.

I am not for the robot assistant at all. I still feel folks want to interact with a human.


Well that changes EVERYTHING ! If you’re against it , I’m for IT !!!

No just kidding; I think you nailed it. I want something that can feel pain and
understands compassion if it is working in my mouth with sharp instruments or tools.
Even if just does a cleaning or providing suction as an assistant.

Now consider the Lasik procedure for eyes. I know very little about it , but how much of the
control of the laser is done by the computer and how much of it is by the Doc as just an observer after confirming the program settings of the cutting the device will do ?

Then there is the self driving cars that catch our fancy. But I’m essentially putting my entire
body “in the hands” of the computer.

So while I still want a person in dental situations, I contrarily find my self longing for a self
driving vehicle.

I’d be curious how much they think they can sell a dental robot assistant for ? 1/4 million or more ?

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No doubt especially at the dentist.

And then there is this robot manicure at the mall …

Is this the future we’ve all waited for ?

A tiny robot gives 10-minute manicures for under $10 in Dallas and Fort Worth
It’s a fully autonomous robot that uses 3D cameras to take a picture of each nail, then uses artificial intelligence to quickly and accurately paint them.

I think you nailed it. At least for what I look for. I personally don’t look at a assistant as someone who sets up/cleans the room, hands me instruments, takes some X-rays ect…. I mainly look for personality, along with a few other things but they are no as important to me and I don’t want to go off on a tangent. A outgoing, caring, empathetic, confident and generally happy person that is low drama is who I look for in a assistant.

Their role is to talk to the patient about anything dental or non dental whatever is on the patients mind ( as long as their mind is not in the gutter). It helps patients calm down before difficult procedures, builds trust, builds friendships and rapport with the patients.

I don’t see how a robot can do that and the people interaction stuff is the most important part for me in the entire staff not just assistant. Also I feel like you would still need someone to run maintenance on the machines and suction lines, run spore tests and sterilization, maintain the lab, count and order stock, help out the front desk. So you would still need at least one human assistant to do all the behind the scenes stuff.

I had to revisit this bc it’s so wrong on so many levels to me. It seriously looks like you are going to a German beer house.
I also don’t know how OSHA is ok here with the exposed body parts. I guess they would have to but on a jacket/coat in the treatment room. If they wear them in the tx room they also need to launder them at night or have multiple so you can have a clean one in the morning. I have lots of questions with this one.

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It’s in Munich, so not sure who or what their OSHA is but agree.

There was a barber shop on Jones Road that used this theme as well.
I think it was called Sexy Scissors. It didn’t last long.