Roll call smu

I’ll be there with a few others with me! Who else will be?

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We will have 7 in our seats.

Be there after soccer practice… Probably second quarter at least. I hope we miss a lot of cougar TD’s. :slight_smile:

Me +2

Je serais la.

Moi aussi, mon frere

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Will try and make it by half time…no promises

Hopefully the students will be there tomorrow

Laissez Bon Temps Roulez !
Beat SMU and their Seven Polo Shirt Popped Collars !
Go Coogs !

I’ll be there plus three. I can’t handle all the SMU buzz all of a sudden. I’ve never wanted an upset so bad. More than FSU and OU.

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will be there! me and my gf

students are always there, its everyone else that needs to show up

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There will be 8 of us there … Spanky’s first, then the game

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Me + 1

Me +3. First home game of the season…

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Eat before you go in. Not being facetious, being honest.


Haven’t missed a home game since Miami in 1976. I shoulda quit that job…
Will be present, obnoxious, and loud.

I usually do but I will heed the warning. Did they kick Chick-fil-A out too? I guess I had better find those Season Ticket cards in my book so I can try to confuse the cashiers.

Me + 3. Section 128

I couldn’t find them at the last game, and be ready to be given the run around and wait on the season ticket discount.

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