Roof open or closed

i remember there was a definitive answer, but was it open or closed for Saturday?

I’d be shocked if it is open. Its supposed to be 91 degrees by the end of the game.

Thats what I thought, but i thought i heard a tidbit of Palilo saying “open roof” i was like DOO WHA?

Understand it is up to ESPN !!!

Isn’t everything ?

so much for definitive answer. next question? Oh that’s right, something about a coin toss …

I read in the fan guide and they said that roof will be only opened if temp is between 50-80 degree.

Closed please

Closed man. Closed. It is going to be hot enough next week. Let me enjoy some AC.

I am pretty sure I read it will be closed.

It’s officially closed…I’d attach a press release but I’m on mobile and don’t know how to upload a photo

From an e-mail sent this morning from UH Athletics.

They should never have done the retractable part to begin with. Closed.


I prefer to be closed. Tailgating is enough for me to enjoy the beautiful weather in the morning tomorrow before the heat picks up.

Suppose to be slightly cooler tomorrow than today. And today has been nice!

I’m thinking how loud we are going to be with it closed. I’m telling ya… we brought some volume to Atlanta with less people. This is going to be epic!

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