Rooftop Bar and Grill is back

For those wanting a good place to watch some football and baseball and indoor eating prior to the game.

Formerly known as Calhoun’s is now EXTRA CREDIT and owned by UH alumns


21 & up only. smart move


It was 21 and up during the grand opening but it is now 18 and up for students.

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Cool, being under Coog ownership is great news!


I didnt know it went away for a bit. What happened?

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I’ll have to give it a try!

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The previous ownership didn’t renew their lease.

I don’t drink, but it was good food. The atmosphere was legit. A few years ago, I took my 12 yr old in there and ate. They didn’t mind as long as we didn’t sit at the bar.

Yea, during the day, non-game days, it’s a nice spot to be and you can bring fam without any worry of rowdy college kids. Evening and game days is well… a college bar. haha