Rooting for Sam Houston State in FCS Playoffs

Go Sam! Had many friends who went there!

Do you have family that went to Sam or did you go there?

I went there. Most Coogfans members know I went to SHSU ‘83’.

I’m the youngest n had 3 siblings that graduated from UH and I started going to Coogs basketball gms in late 60s and was hooked ever since. I’ve followed the Coogs very closely since n had season tiks to both Football n Basketball on/off over last 20+ yrs.

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Thankfully, I finally joined the club! I hope they win it all.

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Are you Coogs or BearKats Grad.

Me? Coogs grad. I was saying that I joined the “Most of Coogfans knew I was an SHSU grad” group but was just being humorous.

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Hehe. Got it. Congrats :grin::grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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Really unique for me in that I’ve always been able to cheer for both n not have to pick which one. Only time it comes into play is Baseball when they usually play 3 times per year in Sanders Classic. I usually still find myself rooting for Coogs even then…sshhh.
Been to close to 200 Coog Athletic events I figured out the other day, so that’s pretty loyal for a "T-Shirt fan’ :tshirt: as someone notoriously called me on here one time!! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes::grinning:


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