Rose faces alma mater when Houston comes to Marriott Center

A little down after the football game so didn’t get to it yesterday, but @coogrr72 mentioned it in the game thread yesterday and I wanted to post it. Here’s Coog alum Dave Rose talking about the Coogs and CKS.

Rose said he is very familiar with Houston coach Kelvin Sampson, now in his fifth season.

“We’re obviously dealing with one of the best coaches who has ever coached at this level,” Rose said. “I know a lot about where he’s been and what he’s done. I had players that played for me in junior college (Dixie State) who signed with him when he was at Washington State. I have some good friends who have coached with him.

“He’s really turned the whole program around. He got them to the NCAA Tournament last year. I have a ton of respect for Coach Sampson. He’ll have his guys ready to play.”

There’s a former player under Guy V saying Kelvin is one of the best. It’s not heresy to say he’s as good a basketball coach as we’ve ever had at UH. I’ve been very fortunate to watch the teams of both coaches. Both HOF