Rule interpretation

For several years now, if the offense makes personnel changes, the defense is given time to make changes, also. I have seen this in many “hurry up” offenses, but not necessarily noticed it when not in the hurry up.

Today, with 12 or 13 seconds to play, Texas changed their offense from regular to field goal kicking within about 7 seconds and kicked the winning field goal. No chance for the defense to make changes. WTF ? ? ? ? ? Was this just another in the LONG list of benefits whorns get for being whornes ? ? ? ? ?

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Good point. That rule did not cross my mind but now that you mention it…

Short answer probably, longer answer is if you’re k-state how are you not subbing out when they start subbing this forces the ref into the position may even give you the chance the burn the clock out

My guess is KS was expecting whorns to go for the TD or was unprepared for the fg try . . . . .

Another question about rules . . . . . If I am not mistaken, I have seen PASS INTERFERENCE penalty be both spot of foul and 10 yards (not both on same play). Am I mistaken?

In college, the penalty for defensive pass interference is 15 yards if the foul happened more than that distance downfield. If it happened closer to the line of scrimmage, the ball goes to the spot of the foul. So in college, if a receiver gets hauled down while trying to catch a deep ball 50 yards downfield, the offense doesn’t get those 50 yards. It gets 15.

NFL rule is way more offense friendly which make life as NFL DB so challenging.

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Danka . . . . .