Rumor Central: Houston is frontrunner for Baylor transfer Tren'Davian Dickson

Rumor Central: Houston is frontrunner for Baylor transfer Tren’Davian Dickson


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Would a great addition. Big highlight potential for Coog receivers over the foreseeable future. Dickson would jump in right when Allen gets the start at QB.

I’ll wait until it happens before I count him as a Coog.

Would be huge. He was one of the top 10-15 WRs in the country with offers from Alabama, Texas, Notre Dame . . . most everyone. Put him with Lark, Stevenson, Corbin, and Terry Mark, and we should have an unbelievable receiving corps.

Is he eligible immediately?

I believe he has to sit out a year. He was enrolled at Baylor in January.

So if briles is just suspended as indicated in another thread, why transfer? One plus one is starting to look like 11.

More intriguing is the option that he cannot transfer to another Big12 member …

Texas (a former Dickson commit) is out of the picture but UH is not … or … is it … depending on whether the Big12 accepts our coogs or not and when Dickson finalizes his choice.

Ohhhh man a future potential receiving corps with Lark, Dickson and some of our current/incoming players would be pretty awesome.

I think he was a mid-term enrollee, so he may have to sit out '16. Yes, Dickson, Lark, Stevenson, Corbin, Terry Mark, and any one of the guys we’re targeting in this class–Buckley, Jones, Bell, etc–would be amazing, very possibly the most highly regarded group of receivers we’ve ever had.

Don’t forget Ra’Shaad Samples.

Yes sir! Another foe-stah! :relaxed: If we get Dickson, that would make three, and Stevenson and Corbin were high threes with offers from places like Notre Dame, Baylor, Ole Miss, Nebraska, Miami, TCU, etc.

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