Russia blows up nuclear plant

Potentially 10 times Chernobyl disaster…

We may have to step in a more meaningful way to stop this madman. Even with the inherit risk it may involve.

We could offer them planes then let their pilots fly them. Air supremacy is key.

Planes are in the process of being delivered right now. They are Migs that won’t require lots of pilot training. As the newer NATO members are upgrading, they have these to provide. IDK what is required to pull fighter jets out of mothballs, prep them and provide parts. But they are in the pipeline.

They are not close-air support planes, so don’t know how effective they’d be on the convoys. They are air combat fighter jets.

I heard on the radio that the Migs have been reneged on for fear of being called an act against Russia and invite Russian attack.

Time to bring them back…


I read that yesterday, too.

Basically, Poland was the only country that didn’t completely about face on their mig promise and they neither confirmed nor denied they were still delivering migs to Russia.

I say start training a force of pilots to fly western fighter-attack aircraft ASAP… They can be in the fight in 4-6 months.

Wouldn’t ground to air defense systems be easier to deploy?

I really don’t think Ukraine will be here if the fighting lasts 4-6 months.

Putin is niot stopping in Ukraine

Not so fast media!

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Fake news