Russian Interference

It will be hard for the Maga crowd to look in the mirror once everything comes to light.

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Yeah, and that’s been clear for over a year.

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The new narrative seems to be they have always done this so it doesn’t matter.

I even saw one post on here that said anyone that thinks they interfered for trump getting elected is ignorant. Then in the next breath said they always interfere. I’m guessing maga is still refining the talking points but will get there.


Of course the Russians wanted Trump to win.

It is one of the many reasons why he and the Magas have to be stopped.

I suspect the Chinese were doing the same thing.

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Russian and other foreign interference on US elections is BAD. Trumpists be damned.

But you know what’s just as bad, if not worse?

Allowing foreigners (non-citizens) to vote in US elections, and potentially determine their outcome as a result.

That’s the most direct form of foreign election influence that I can think of.

And ya know what?

Some of the Lefties on this board have advocated for/defended that very thing.

Sure am glad that I am on the correct side of that as well. I oppose all forms of foreign interference, from foreign influence and disinformation, to foreign voting!

No it won’t. Self-reflection isn’t part of their narrative. See you in the re-education camps!!


It’s our the same though, one is a foreign power trying to influence politics and the direction of an entire nation. The other is some green card holders getting a say on who sits on the school board, or in local matters. Not a fan of that policy, but I’m comfortable saying one is definitely worse than the other.


Cali, first, 2U first ones dialing the snitch line on us.

Hmmm……I dunno man!

US elections are US elections, no matter at what level!

Foreigners, whether foreign governments, or foreign residents, shouldn’t have ANY say in them.

Only Americans (as defined by US citizenship).

Don’t disagree, I don’t like the NYC policy. But also not my circus. If they keep it local then that’s for all of them to decide until overridden by higher authority.

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Not interested in going down that rabbit hole again. :joy:


Duhhh they do it every election. This is nothing new.

Foreign voting in an election is a not really feasible as a strategy. Russia going to fly a bunch of people over?

What is feasible is funding candidates that back foreign countries positions. This should be highly illegal and rigorously investigated. Follow the $.

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Follow the money.

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You mean follow the freedom? Right, because money is just freedom in number form. We all know this is sarcasm right?

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Not when it comes from foreign sources.

NYC Dems appear to disagree.

BOTH should be illegal and harshly cracked down upon.

It’s only foreign if it doesn’t get properly laundered through a 501(c4) SuperPAC. Then it’s like automatic citizenship cash.

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Nailed it.

As Kris Kristofferson wrote, Freedom’s just another word for illegal foreign money laundered for American political campaigns.


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