Russian Missles Hit Poland - Correction Ukraine Missles Hit Poland

AND THIS HAPPENS under biden’s watch

Remember the mainstream media telling everyone that wwIII would happen under Trump…

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Damn, Biden, why didn’t you divert those missles back to Russia like the Superman you are? Maybe if you reverse the Earth’s rotation, we can fix that.




Yeah if Trump was Putins puppet why did they wait until he left office? Who is actually Putins puppet?

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Will NATO stick to its guns?

Pun intended… :nerd_face:

Putin has a vision of expanding Russia back to the old Soviet Union boundaries. He was a KGB agent. Also, he invaded Ukraine because he was misinformed as to the capabilities of Ukraine and the combat readiness of Russian forces.

Whether Biden, Trump, Vermin Supreme (Vermin Supreme - Wikipedia), Putin was gonna give it a shot. You know this, but reflexively attack Biden.

Any response will be days away. Acting quickly now does no good and only increases the chance of a miscalculation. But you know this, too.

Does the world finally complete the World War Trilogy? Or is one sequel enough? Bigger budget and better special effects this time around.

Joe was up early in Bali.

Doubt it, he saw weakness in Biden, so he went for it. Biden offered Zallenski a ride out. He said I don’t need a ride I need guns.

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Cool story. Ruthless dictator puts invasion plans on hold because he’s bestie’s with bombastic windbag impersonating a US president. That’s delusional. Truly. smh He was waiting for Trump to withdraw from NATO, according to Bolton.


Missiles likely Ukranian anti missile missiles. Preliminary investigation. Gotta confirm.

Of interest, this is actually happening on Russian TV. Some realize the consequences of the invasion are starting to mount.

That guy will be dead tomorrow

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