Russian Soldier drives over Colonel with tank

Pick up on what “Western officials say part”?
Don’t believe the hype. First casualty in war is the truth.

Russia has alao acknowledged some deaths too.

It is not about believing the truth, when both sides confirm the info.

Still no one has specified a source besides Russia said so, which is a general statement. What Russian source? I’m a person who believes in who, what, when, why, and how kind of guy. I’m from Missouri show me state who lives in Texas…

Fair enough.

This story per “NATO officials” claims there may be 15,000 dead Russians already.
Agree, it needs to all be taken with grain of salt, and may just be planned disinformation, which is
all a part of war.

I saw some reports saying as high as 40000. Russian soldiers casualty, captured etc That’s why I say first casualty of war is the truth…

Then allow me to specify.

Quote: Local Russian government in the southern port of Novorossiysk confirmed the death on Feb. 28 of Major General Andrei Sukhovetsky in a statement on its website. It said he had served in Syria, the North Caucasus and Abkhazia.

Now that confirmation. Not I heard. You know that Law being a Attorney.

It seems there are reports of a 7th general KIA.

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I find it extremely offensive to imply that Republicans, even far right republicans, are backing Putin. Your political bias is unlimited and downright rude.

Can you say Marjorie Green, think she a Republican

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You are exactly correct. None of us have any clues on how this war is evolving. We/I all wish that the exterminator exterminate putin. putin has used the “siege” tactic for everyone of his battles. cutting off water, power, food has been his goal all along.
Again watch Mr. Jones the movie. stalin killed millions by doing the same. the great satan has a place for putin. Let’s all hope he gets there ASAP.

Obviously, you don’t watch Hannity and Fox News.

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Then you simply choose not to see. MTG who professes she is the Republican party sides with Putin as may others or listen to the host of Fox’s highest rated show Tucker Carlson…his shows talking points are replayed by Russia state media to help Putin.

I have heard Hannity on the radio and he has not sided with Putin. I have heard that Tucker says that Russia will win, which does not mean he is siding with Putin. Tucker does not speak for the republican party or republicans other than himself and neither does Hannity. But I rarely ever watch Fox except the Fox that Berman is on. I can say without a doubt that if you ask any Republican, they will not side with Putin. My circle of friends are 90% republican and not a one of them sides with Russia, most say someone needs to shoot Putin.

Maybe some of you should read something besides the far left New York Times.

To be fair you are right it’s not most Republicans it’s your Sedition Caucus wing, MTG, Boebert, Heil Hitler Hotwheels, etc. Granted they run the Republicans for the most part now



The flag officer losses for the Russian military in Ukraine keep mounting. Russian sources confirmed the death of one of their highest ranking naval officers:

Quote: In a statement through the online messaging service Telegram, the Russian-installed governor of the occupied city of Sevastopol confirmed Andrei Paly’s death, according to Radio Free Europe’s Russia service.

Razvozhayev, 51, was the deputy commander of Russia’s Black Sea Fleet.

And a Colonel, whose death was confirmed by Russian State TV:

Quote: Russian state TV confirmed on Friday that one of its top commanders died in in Ukraine, CNN reported.

Ukraine’s Ministry of Defense claimed on Twitter that its soldiers “eliminated” Col. Sergei Sukharev, commander of the elite 331st Guards Airborne Regiment.

“He took part in the Battle of Ilovaysk in 2014 and 2015, where he committed a war crime,” the ministry said, referring to the conflict which saw pro-Ukrainian paramilitaries attempt to capture and restore control over the city.

“The Last Judgment to announce its verdict soon,” it added.

Russian television network GTRK Kostroma, citing the Regional Military Commissariat, confirmed that Sukharev had died along with several other members of the unit.

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Why do you have to immediately focus on repubs?
Your sources keep portraying them as:
and it keeps going and going without to even look at what is currently going on in your own party. Why are you so obsessed with it? Are you feeling this way because biden is an abject failure less than two years in his presidency? We all know this is hard to take but it might be time to accept that “your” guy is responsible for your personal anger right now. No I am not a psychologist but many on the left clearly are having second thoughts on their decision.

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