Ryan has been escorted out of the building

permanently. Silly trolls, Trix are for kids.


Thanks for helping keep the order.

Was really hoping he would last until the morning so I could enjoy the show lol

Who is Ryan?


Who’s Ryan?

Ryan who?

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The troll from Tulsa who came on the Tulsa vs Wich St topic last night

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Good. He was just insulting everything about Houston, both the city and school, then he crossed the line and started slandering Guy Lewis and Kelvin Sampson.

I was like surely not gocoogs Ryan he’s a good guy. How come I always miss the drama? Well there was that Kentucky fan last year that I really thought was my crazy uncle Max.

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Like I said over there you can’t talk about cheating and Frank Haith is your coach. Must have been mad after that spanking Wich St put on them.

I missed it too.