S Florida game sold out

No it’s not sold out.

Not even close. Didn’t look great on TV. But those who were there were a great crowd.


I would say average is 27,500.

What’s the number for today?

Announced was 31k and change. I was surprised there weren’t more people but everyone in my group was there.


My section (229) was actually filled and had some energy. I still was disappointed in total attendance. Either way, my group had fun and we are all proud of the boys.


It looked like tons of fun, wish I could have been there.

Better crowd than usual in my area


It’s Grey not gray poupon. Common folk are so meh


HOUSTON needs to be in the big12



We need to be in the Big 12, no question

But why would they want a school that is 6-1 and can’t sell out its stadium vs a ranked opponent?

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Tried to say that earlier in the thread and was called an elitist.

Because they want the HOUSTON market. Right now they only have access to it. The HOUSTON interest swole when people thought we were going to big12.


Tcu did it playing in the wac, cusa,& mwc. They were top dog year in year out. They made themselves attractive by consistently fielding a winning product and winning the ooc games.

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Hopefully this game changes people’s minds a bit about the team and they’ll come out.

Hopefully, we’ll learn that the Temple game is a 6 pm game on Monday.

Hopefully, we win out and USF knocks off UCF in their game and we get to host USF here for the AAC Championship.

I hope…


I don’t agree with the decision, but it is beginning to show how many people decided not to show up due to our recent hires.

Gorgeous day, top 25 opponent, good time of day, nationally televised game… there is only one excuse.

I wish people would give up the faux outrage about everything. People need to stop trying people in the court of public opinion, finding them guilty of everything without any evidence, and then destroy their lives and careers without cause.


I do not think that has anything to do with it. How about we warm up our relationship with the chronicle?


I seriously doubt that that’s the explanation. The truth is, until now, we haven’t done much this season that would excite the casual sports fan.


You think people are staying away because of Briles? That’s a pretty big stretch. So the student section was full before and not today because?? How is it faux outrage exactly if they did make that choice?

I had people ask me today if UH was playing Central Florida. The AAC teams don’t resonate with anyone.

I would disagree about the time of day. Middle of the day is honestly the worst for a Saturday when you have kids in activities.

Same problem we have had for 30 years bad attendance, the city of Houston as a whole doesn’t give a shit about U of H football just the Texans, what a shame, the city wouldn’t even care if we shut the program down no one would care except us die hards about 20,000 people in a city of 3 million