Sahara dust

If you, like me, have a sensitivity to what’s in the air, the sand from the Sahara has arrived. I began coughing and sneezing and have finally put on a mask, and I’m inside. I almost left the area when smoke from the Chiapas was in the air many years ago because I was having trouble breathing. So watch out, folks.


Been through walls of West Texas sand storm, but the worst is being close to a forest fire. Can’t breath, can’t see across the street. Scarey.

2020 is still full of surprises.

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Just what we need with during a pandemic that impacts breathing. Never dreamed that something like that would flow east like that.

I have been in heavy black smoke from mass fires in SE Asia that were coming out of Indonesia. That was worse then this, but the way our luck is going if we get out of this hurricane season I’ll feel blessed.

Yeah no kidding, I expect frogs and locusts next. I am glad I am not the first born son.


Samples collected in Senegal contained bacteria.

If it means less hurricanes I figure y’all will take it


Well, if you are going to liken it to the Egypian plagues, don’t forget the water turning into Blood, the Hail and Fire falling from the sky, the days of Darkness with no Sunshine, The Boils on the Skin, the Lice, and Moses serpent eating the Egyptian Serpents


Ok I skipped a few plagues.


Count your blessings. Imagine a bunch of hurricanes and flooding preventing access to hospitals. This is a good thing just stay safe.

Well, at least people are FINALLY wearing masks :slight_smile:

It just the beginning! Let my people vote!


Australia already had the hail and the fire.
And at least one river turned to blood: River In Israel Turns Red With Blood "Like The Bible's Plague of Blood" — Guardian Life — The Guardian Nigeria News – Nigeria and World News
And for @Coog51 there is already a locust plague happening. Surprised you haven’t read about it since you’ve gone on about people dying from starvation.


This has got to be the worst end of times ever. All the plagues AND all the bars are closed.