Saint Mary's

They look solid. Holding North Texas to 33 We both could be 7-0 when we play them. Should be a low scoring really exciting game.

They will probably be ranked by time they play us could be a really good game


That will be a truly standing room only game.

The Saint Marys game will be a neutral site game in Fort Worth


Well, we can’t create SRO in Fertita center, I will be curious on how we do it in the Dickeys arena. Though I absolutely plan to attend.

That will be a nice test and a highly publicized game. I regret that we sometimes falter when we’re ranked high at the beginning of the season…in all sports. So if we get bumped off I won’t be too disappointed. Remember Sampson got killed early by Wichita State the year we went to the tourney. He used it to build a powerhouse.

Losing to Wichita St back in those days wasn’t a bad thing. They were some sort of a powerhouse in those days w/great coaching!

In Fort Worth, right lol, we will have a few thousand there hopefully

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We lost to them by 30

For anyone interested, I was in Fort Worth earlier this year for an event and stayed at this SpringHill: I have stayed in many Marriott properties and for the price, you cannot beat this property:

It is not close to Dickey’s but I will sacrifice location for a decent hotel with a good price.

The FW game with St. Marys is a double header, first game is A$M vs Boise St. at 6:00, then the Cougars play St. Marys at 8:30, so there will be SRO as the aggies travel and we have had good crowds to past two years at Dickies against OSU and TT. I have my 6 tickets.


Got my tix as well… will be exciting game!

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I have four in Section 124. Still lot of tickets available.

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I went to Fort Worth last year for the game versus Oklahoma State, and then went to the American athletic conference tournament there as well. At no point in any of the games were there ever more than 5000 or 6000 people present. I will be shocked if it is even half filled.

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Plan to be there. Are you going?

The double header has never had A$M, the OSU game was not packed but the TT the year before was. With UH being ranked possibly #2, and A$M playing before it should be a good crowd.


I just picked up 4 in section 124 as well. A couple of aggies are in my group. I told them they’re our opening act lol

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Huh? It has already been done more than once.

TT was coming off a FF the year before when we beat them in FW, their crowd was loud. I feel the Coogs will have a good crowd coming off a FF and ranked, possibly #2.

Twice that I can think of.

  1. When it opened against Oregon
  2. Against LSU
    The only other game in FC which was close to SRO was against Ok State.
    So, that is 3 in 5 years. I still stand by my statement.