Sales Pitch discussion -- How does Houston keep it rolling in the AAC,

(on which school is easiest and toughest to recruit for…)

Lunardi: The top of the American’s recruiting pecking order would have to be Memphis. In terms of player rankings, at least, Hardaway has the Tigers rolling. Give his recent rosters to Kelvin Sampson and the conference would probably have another national title (a compliment to Sampson, by the way, not a knock on Penny).


Jarace Walker! That’s the piece they’re mentioning in this article.

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Contrary to the article, I don’t believe UH is a Tier 2 program in the conference. We’re Tier 1.


The tiers are based on recruiting & not program.

I’m not buying that we are a Tier 2 recruiting program in the AAC when we’ve been to the Final Four and Sweet 16. Who knows how far we could have gotten last year if the Tournament hadn’t been canceled? Elite 8?

What good does it do Memphis to have an alleged Tier 1 recruiting program when we’re 5-1 against them since Hardaway has been their HC?

Bloggers and authors of articles don’t play the game. They watch, analyze and critique…sometimes to make a name for themselves. It’s one thing to sit behind a keyboard and another thing to play the game.

I’ll take the gold standard in Sampson over a Memphis Penny any day.

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They were talking strictly recruiting. Memphis is ahead of us in terms of recruiting. It’s obvious Sampson is light years ahead of Penny when it comes to development.


So, our recruits are inferior to Memphis even though we hold a 5-1 advantage over Hardaway since he’s been the Memphis HC? At some point, don’t we have to recognize that recruiting services are flawed?

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Lol. Penny has two guys that were lottery picks. 5 stars. It’s okay to say that Penny is a top 5 recruiter in all of college basketball.


I think UH usually gets the most out of its players. Memphis usually plays below its potential.

Bingo Penny recruits top flight physical talent. As of now he and his staff have failed at developing them to full potential.

Doesn’t take away from Penny’s current recruiting prowess, if he learns to develop his players they are going to be an absolute b force to be reckoned with.

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