Sam Houston state and the portal

So if we are looking at. 2-10 season with the most lethargic offense we have had since Helton, who might jump into the portal after game four so they can red shirt this year?

I think a few to watch are golden and Jenkins.

Anybody worth a damn

So you’ve got SHSU down as a win?


Being optimistic. Figure a pick six, punt return and kick return with 3 field goals should get us past them.


Watch Jonah Wilson and Mikal Harrison pilot. Both top recruits 4 stars and not sure either have played.

I can’t worry about who will transfer at this point, but I’m absolutely certain we will some transfers at the end of the season. And if, if Dana is let go, we will see a lot of transfers.

Is this something to be concerned about? Not really. If we bring in the right coach, we will load up on better recruits and hopefully better players from the portal.

Btw, I’m not as enamored as some when players transfer from P5 schools, unless they were proven talents. Just because they transferred from schools like A&M, Mississippi, and TT, doesn’t necessarily mean they’re talented. Sometimes these players are available because they were beaten out by 1st and 2nd string players.

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