Samples is out

We better run for 300 yards or more as a team. I’m not sure if our receivers are good enough to consistently get open down field against the OU secondary.

I thought that starting last season and they surprised me.

Dunbar and allen did not get open vs FSU though. Mostly blown coverages and pass interference. Although you kind of have to give Chance Allen a break since he was going up against a top 5 player in Jalen Ramsey.

Ayers was really the only guy who could get open one on one consistently. He is gone and the guy who is replacing him is injured.

But I will say Dunbar has looked impressive all off season on the highlight videos. We need him to have a huge game. I believe he will be the leading reciever this year, not Chance Allen.

Also, Isaiah Johnson took a huge step as well. He has the speed to get open, just not sure about his route running yet.

We have a solid group of guys. Hopefully someone can emerge as the go-to-guy.

Im with Coach on this one, I thought we’d suffer mightily at the Oline and receiver position last year, and look what the coaches did. I think we will be just fine, though I was really looking forward to seeing Samples.

It’s way early and we haven’t seen any college game day evidence yet, but I wouldn’t count out D’Eriq King. That kid is a fantastic athlete and even CTH said he’s a play maker that has to get in the game. He has the speed to take the top off a defense.

D’Eriq is apparently in the WR 2 deep now so he should see the field Saturday.

Heard it from someone that knows king well…he says he will see the field

OU’s secondary is nowhere near the level of FSU’s. Like ours, they are very young and inexperience so there’s a good chance they’ll make some mistakes. Key will be blocking the OU front 7.

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