Sampson City β€” With Coaching Succession Plan Locked in Place, UH Basketball Becomes a Rare Center of Sports Stability - Paper City Mag

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Good article. I think Kellen will be really good when he takes over, but he will need one thing. He will need someone just like him to take his place in recruiting. Kellen is responsible for several of our star players we have right now. He has an eye for talent.


Do you know the details of his buyout? I heard that was the reason for his delay in signing.

Another great article by Chris Baldwin. He has been writing pieces on UH basketball all season that are informative and fun to read. It was a good move to get interviews with Greg Ward, Jr. and Tyus Bowser. I would be happy to hear about their respective NFL gigs regardless and even more enjoyable to know they are so supportive of UH basketball.


Kellen is going to be a star.


Idk if Chris Baldwin reads the stuff here but man do I appreciate some positive feel good stories about or programs from him. Thank you