Sampson’s comments

“We’re not going anywhere. We’ll be back.”

Wow! I expected this to be a sulk-fest and “these kids gave it their all” but he comes out and gives the fans a nod.

Do you ever get the feeling Sampson is still coaching in his press conferences?


It’s an AP article which actually got everything right with a couple of info gaps because of length restrictions or editor’s pen.

FC is sold out even though the games are tough to make in Houston weekday traffic. Fans spend money to support the team knowing they won’t use the expensive tickets. That’s support. Anyone remember being able to hear somebody cough on the other side of Hofheinz?


Most definitely. He calls out guys who are at the table sometimes. Tells it like it is.

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While some want to see the students’ section packed every game I remember not too long ago when we didn’t have 20 students at the game and virtually none during the Christmas break. The program is building and students are coming. For the most part we filled the court side seating and half or near full on the section above the band.
Our profile continues to build and the preseason hype will be more than any we have received since 1984.
Our profile will continue to build and expand as we enter the big 12.
We will go from solid crowds in our conference games to automatic sellouts in all of them.


Yes, Big 12 competition will make a huge difference in fans attending games.


Absolutely, I do.

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Yup. The that Sweet 16 game vs AZ was a preview of that

Just look at how the crowd got when we got to that 14-4 start and in the second half for us

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Yep, and we know he recruits in the handshake line :wink:


We have been dancing for several years now including a final four run and elite 8.
There is absolutely no reason why we shouldn’t sell out a 7000 seat stadium every game.


We pretty much have been selling out most games with near sellouts over the break and lesser teams. The issue has more to do with brokers than not selling seats.