San Diego State withdraws notice and will stay in the MWC for the foreseeable future

Thats embarrassing. Remember when folks kept saying to turn down the Big 12 and wait for the Pac 12 to invite us?


Not a good look…

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Uh oh…where is that guy with the “SMU Buddy”?


And then B12 follows the PAC and SDSU announcements by the news they have completed the long form of the new contract.

That foot was so wide they got both of them in 1 kick. :expressionless:

The Pac-12 Reports Accelerated TV Deal Talks That Includes Extensive Linear Partners | TV Deals - YouTube

San Diego State Is Staying in the Mountain West Conference | Conference Realignment | SDSU Football - YouTube


Welcome home COLORADO and ARIZONA


“I’m really confident about our future in a Power 5 conference. I’m also confident that, when we talk about the Pac-12, they need to get the best deal possible for us to get the pro rata share we deserve.”
-Adela de la Torre, SDSU President

“[T]his letter is to formally notice that San Diego State University (SDSU) intends to resign from the Mountain West Conference (MWC) effective June 30, 2024 or at an agreed upon later date.”
-Adela de la Torre, SDSU President


"It’s uncertain how the Mountain West will react, as it informed SDSU after the June 13 letter that it had accepted the school’s notice of resignation.

“Included in the process of withdrawing is the removal of SDSU president Adela de la Torre’s seat from the league’s board of directors and the withholding of payment to put toward the exit fee."

Messiest pullout since…


SDS: “We’re joining PAC!”
PAC: “Oh no you’re not!”

STOP IT!! I cant stop laughing!!!

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This tells me the PAC has no redeemable media package. If SDSU is not being invited it makes me think that the package is not great and the Presidents don’t want the added distribution of taking on another mouth to feed.


Yeah I can’t imagine there is a more inside insider than the leadership at SD State. Based on their inside knowledge, they are staying put in the MWC.

The lawsuits will start soon enough.

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So…SDSU will now have to pay $34 million, instead of $17 million because the PAC failed to get their act together and send them an invite before July 1, 2023.

They only had a full 12 months to figure this out!

Im guessing this means one of the following1) the PAC stays at 10 with no expansion
2) they anticipate a full raid by the Big 12 & B1G 10
3) they only expect 1 or 2 defectors right now BUT SDSU may no longer be an expansion option since they royally screwed them over OR the PAC their buy out. Why should SDSU foot the bill for a ticket on a sinking ship?

What a MESS!

Everyone ON THE OUTSIDE can see the MESS from the day UT and OU left when they had the golden opportunity to kill the Big 12!!!

It has been a comedy of errors ever since.

Can they really not see the horrible mistakes tbey CONTINUE to make!?!?


San Diego State’s letter telling MWC they were leaving was post dated June 30…on June 29, they withdrew the letter and crawled back into an MWC corner…Humiliation on an EPIC scale…wow!!

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UH1927, if i didnt read what was failing to happen from those PAC decision makers with my own eyes, i would not BELIEVE any league could be so stupid…
But its the PAC, so not a surprise…


We are all screaming what they need to do. .yet the continue to do the opposite or NOTHING at all

If i was them, AT THIS STAGE, I’d consider Arizona and Colorado gone due to their own stubbornness and incompetence.

I’d then add FOUR additions to inject some level of excitement/enthusiasm back to the conference similar to what the Big 12 did.

Two is not enough to inject excitement back to the conference.

They are NEVER going to get the media $$$ they want so they need to go into survival mode.

Add FOUR of these schools from this list…

SDSU (IF SDSU forgives the backstabbing)
Fresno State
Colorado State
Boise State

Those are BAD options but they MUST expand with 4 now since they passed July 1 with still no deal and no expansion

Ok, so it’s July 1st.

When, if at all, will be see a team bolt from the PAC?

Those MWC schools are all tied up with gigantic penalties to leave. List shrinks. And i think Tulane and Rice would want no part of that, they are happy where they are.

I certainly understand San Diego St’s desire to join a P5. UH fans have just short of 30 years experience waiting for that to happen. What SDS did though was force the issue when they were not in a negotiation position of power. That only happens if SDS had terrible intel about what is happening or terrible leadership at the top.

This is terribly embarrassing for the university. I would not be surprised if someone loses their job over this.


Well, yeah.

But to me, this shows how little the PAC has to offer even a G5 school.

Given that, when do we start seeing the flight from the PAC to the Big 12 and B1G?