Sasser on early entry list

I think it’s good practice…but makes me a little nervous.

he’s coming back imo… but to me its a sign that if he has it his way next season will be his last (performs well enough)


Yes next season will be his last, sure miss the days players stayed 3 or 4 years and teams were built and had continuity, this one to two year crap sucks, but I know it’s all about making $$$


Next season will be his third.


Get your $$$$ young man… Next year!

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My guess is that he’ll be back.

Yup. He’s been working out with Kyler a lot this offseason. But definitely seems like he won’t be staying past next season.

Who knows but he could very easily surprise us like Hinton did. Bottom line if there is money out there for him he goes IMO.
But frankly I don’t think he had a good enough sophomore year to wow the scouts. But at this point no one knows what is going through the young man’s mind.
He certainly had some dry spells last year and no doubt was in a funk at times. But his defense improved a lot over the year.
If I was a gambling man I think he returns…

I’m no NBA scout, but I would think Marcus has a 0.00% chance of being drafted right now. I think it’s smart to go get some feedback, but it would be insane for him to stay in the draft this year.


Maybe he is thinking going overseas,. Can’t blame him for testing the waters

I’ve learned that literally ANYTHING is possible with the way these young men think! But Sasser has some experienced relatives, so I’m very hopeful this is nothing more than a fact-finding mission so he can be very specific about how to improve his game for the next level.

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Grimes is very likely a second half of the second round NBA draft player. and he is 6’ 5 and shot 40.3% from three.
Sasser is 6’1 at best and shot 33%. Not many 6’ 1 shooting guards in the NBA ythat shoot that % from three, especially the college three.

Ill be shocked if he really gets any indication he will be drafted. Heck he sees that neither Brooks or Hinton were drafed. Heck Gray didn’t get a sniff. The NBA is extremely difficult to make. Those guys are elite athletes with size.

He really needs to work on his ball handling and assist making to show PG skills IMHO.

Watching the Nets its amazing what the Beard is doing running their offense. 6’ 5 , a bull, and incredible range.

Fabian is on the early entry list, too. (Seniors could choose the additional year from the NCAA and return for 2021-22.) This is today’s college basketball world.


I’m not worried about Fabian or Sasser not coming back, I think CKS encourages them to put their name in to get feedback. Is kylers name in there?

So what will be the feedback he gets? Will they tell him to shoot a high percentage or become a passing leader. Not that i think the two are exclusive.

itll be both, but i think theyll lean towards being a distributor … at his size being a point is a absolute must, he hasnt shown any major signs that he can run an offense. he is a drastically undersized 2 as he is now…
his shot/offense is honestly only a few minor tweaks and consistency from being nba worthy, even for his size… as a passer its not close, and its not even necessarily assists but running an offense, like setting up the hocket assists, dictating where players should go, and getting players the ball in the right spots …


Ok that makes sense. I dont want to misquote you, but basically you have been saying he can’t shoot his way into the NBA

i wouldnt say that exactly…but realisitcally no he cant…
is there a path to shoot his way into the nba? … yes.

if sassers does 23+ a game, shoots over 40%, and we make it to atleast the elite 8… he’ll be in the nba, even without improved passing… i just dont see that as a realistic path

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