Sasser testing Draft waters


And so Coach Sampson goes after another Guard in the transfer portal.

Hope his last year here is really special!


If he has a last year here :joy:

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It’s a pretty deep draft and he’s undersized. Not sure he gets picked.


When’s the deadline for him to pull out and come back to college?

So do we just keep his roster spot open?

Cause if Marcus stays in the draft, it might be too late to find that high quality of a player in the portal.

Alot of good players with find their new team in the next 2-3 weeks

Reminds me of Armoni and Nate leaving early. Some guys are just ready to get onto the next phase of their life.


this was expected… he said he would do this months ago… that he wanted to see how the nba stuff was, but that he expects to be back

you cant get an invite to nba combine stuff if you arent on the declared list


I heard you have to announce by May 1 if you intend to be part of University roster. Not sure if iys just for transfer portal athletes or all in general. Last yr it was July 1. Maybe someone can clarify that keeps w that part closer then I do.

Edit: i thk May 1 is for transfer portal players

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Duarte says by June 1 he has to decide one way or the other.

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Going pro after sitting out a season due to injury is not the optimal circumstances to maximize your draft capital. Regardless of his decision, I wish him well and, for the record, I want him to return to the team.


How does Coach Sampson handle this?

If he waits until June 1st. all the good transfers will be gone.

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Probably imposes some sort of deadline for the player. I think you have to move forward assuming he won’t be back and do your best to replace him in the portal.


WWAD - What would Arkansas do … :joy:


I agree Robert. Similar to Grimes situation when he pulled name back but Self had given his Scholly up. Im sure Coach/plsyer have convo when all this happens n both know the parameters. We shall see.

He’s probably just going to work out with some teams and see what they’re looking for or how he can improve. Unless he hires an agent, I fully see Marcus returning for one more year

It’s not uncommon for potential draft prospects to test the waters just to get some feedback from the pros

Didnt grimes do the exact same thing last year?

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Kellen keeping it positive!! :upside_down_face:



Not a huge surprise hop he gets the info he’s looking for… and coming back is the best decision for him. But longer others have said maybe he’s just ready to go to that next post of his life.