Says he should be 100% by thursday



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Should rest Marcus Sasser for the 1st round vs Northern Kentucky.


No never take a game for granted especially the NCAA Tournament


Probably. We will see. They didn’t want to lose this game.

Nope. If he’s cleared medically he should be out there.

I’d pull him if we get up big but I wouldn’t sit him for the game. That’s testing the basketball gods.


Yup. If he’s cleared. Play him but manage his minutes and then sit him if the game gets in hand.


There’s no way in hell Sasser sits if he can play. Northern Kentucky is in a team to take lightly. Imagine what the outcome could’ve been had Sasser not played against Kent State. Not good. He’s not only a scorerwr but a helluva on-ball defender. We need him to beat NKU.

We need Sasser to beat NKU… but a healthy Sasser

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Sasser isn’t going to put the team at risk if he isn’t 100%. We have to trust his decision to play or not.

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I would start him and hopefully run out to a nice lead and then rest him……if you could get through game one withSasser playing less than 20 minutes that would work well.

Somebody mentioned earlier though……you should be able to win by 30 points without him if an extra two days means close to 100% health……

IMHO, this is our bracket, Vegas knows this and we are the mother fu-@in’ Houston Cougars.