Saturday 10/6/18 game action

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Boomer Sooner!

Man, the Tulane-Cincy and the ECU-Temple games are both intriguing to watch.


Temple stomping ECU late in the 1st. 14-0 at Temple.

I just tuned into Tulane v. Cincy. What happened to Jonathan Banks? Tulane has a new QB in there.

tulane just took the 7-3 lead on cincy.

It was good to have a safety not come underneath and leave the seam route undefended, and good for him to catch a throw directly to him, but that was a terrible decision to throw that. Never throw late over the middle, especially not back across the field. Terrible offensive play call and worse execution.

For those in the know, how does our staff get game film on other teams? I’m assuming they’re not running back a DVR recording of ESPN. Is there a system in place where game film is captured and that same film is distributed to all future opponents? Sorry if this sounds stupid, but I honestly have no idea how this is done.

You know the team is watching that ECU game together this morning.

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Ecu looks horrible. It’ll be different next weekend tho

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Usually coaches trade film early in the week or prior to that. Not required, and there have been incidents where coaches withheld the film, but coaches are a fraternity and try to help each other out.

Otherwise, there are those on staff that watch the games, record them, and splice and cut them down for the coaches/players to watch. For basketball, I remember CKS saying that they had their video crew watching the 1st round Michigan game on the computer and cutting it down so the players could watch it the next day.

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ECU had a guy wide open for a TD and the QB under threw him. My QB would never.

This Tulane-Cincy game is a battle of defenses so far. Good game.

Herms better make him the highest paid coordinator in CFB if he wants to retain him.

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gg OU

OU tackles about as well as we do.

Cincy with another long bomb to go ahead 17-7 late in the 2nd.

Tulane secondary is very susceptible to the long pass.

That bodes well for us if we can catch them.

Tulane with the score.

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