Saturday action

How hot is it under that overhang? Or do they have AC blowing to cool it down? They try that at TDECU it would just capture more heat and make it miserable. bBVA has that kind of over hang and air does not circulate and it feels like and oven when it is really hot.

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Well Alabama gets a bye don’t you know that? Even before the playoffs, Alabama didn’t have to win it’s division to play in the championship game.

We did offer him he just chose Bama instead.

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How will the CFP cartel vote this week? :thinking: They love old money programs, so I would say:

  1. Bama
  2. Clemson
  3. Oklahoma
  4. Miami

I am ok with this for THIS week.

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Even if the CFP cartel mess up the next few votes, the conference championship games should clear up the final picture.

I don’t think an undefeated UCF would warrant a playoff spot over any of the 1 loss teams in the top 8 for the record so I’m not too upset about them getting a lower ranking. It only hurts the advertisers and whoever UCF would be going against in the NY6 bowl if an undefeated UCF doesn’t get the respect of finishing in the top 10.

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Its feasible a 2 loss Auburn could crash the playoff party.

What about the still undefeated Wisconsin? They are now 10 - 0.

Like I said before, conference championship games will clean up the top 4. If Wisconsin stays undefeated, they eventually replace Clemson or Miami.

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The big 10 getting left out is the key to change. Delaney giving his consent was what started the BCS, then again with the playoff. In both cases it was to maintain what he thought was the big 10s rightful place at the top. The BCS didn’t go as planned, and now if the playoff can screw it up, we’ll see change quick, fast, and in a hurry.