Saturday college football

Clemson pulled a Houdini and escaped at home in OT against NC State. State Kicker missed a manageable FG at the end of regulation.

Air Force is losing at home to New Mexico by 15 in the 3rd which is good for the Coogs in trying to get the G5 slot.

Tennessee getting drilled at home by Alabama early in the 3rd, 28-7. Score doesn’t indicate the total domination by Bama.

Miami losing to UNC in the game on ESPN2 ahead of ours.

Virginia Tech losing to Syracuse in the 3rd.

OU spanked Kansas State and should roll for the next 3 weeks. Good for the Coogs.

West Virginia and Baylor will stay undefeated as they continue to beat up on the dregs of the Big12.

Miami (OH) won today so Rice is the only winless FBS school left. Owls have UTSA tonight.

Indiana within 2 of Nebraska with about 9 minutes to go.

Clay Helton quietly saving his job; going to move to 3-3 with a dominating win over Arizona.

Miami and Virginia Tech both lose.

So does Air Force.

Ole Miss losing early to Arkansas.

Utah holds on to beat Oregon State.

UCF with an early lead on Temple, 11-7.

USF struggling against UCONN but leads 7-3 late in the half.

UT losing to the Cyclones again, 6-0 late in the half.

UCONN and UCF winning right now.

UT finally started scoring; lead 17-6

Temple comes back to win. USF does too.

Rice loses - only winless team in FBS.

Arkansas beats Ole Miss.

Ohio State losing, but driving.

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