Saturday's games

Husker TD with a minute left in the half. They lead 21-16

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This Memphis team is so strange. They have some explosive players on offense, but their defense is awful and they don’t have much outside of those explosive plays.

Beautiful. Last time I tried, Gaggies vs bama, I fell asleep.


Could be an alias for Herbstreet. Thinks like he does.


TX Tech over OU would be nice.
Unranked Auburn over #20 Aggy would help too.

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I hope Carville has a bodyguard. Bonded.

Why would u want tech to beat OU

Why wouldn’t you? it helps us. Whatever happens now will not affect next year. (ex. OU, Texas, ATM, UCF)

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If OU makes the playoffs they will start out at a higher rank which helps up considering they’re our first game

Nice little shovel pass for the TD for ECU. They’re down 31-24 in the 3rd to Memphis.

ECU starting QB just got slammed to the ground head first and will probably be out for the rest of the game.

Never mind, he comes back in after a play and leads ECU to a tying TD. 31-31 with 8:45 left in the 3rd.

Didn’t you used to be Memphis?

Anyone wondering why Scottie Montgomery is going to get fired at ECU only needs to look at the stands for today’s game against Memphis.

They can’t have more than 15,000 people there.

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Refs suck. Glad the replay booth caught the cheap shot by ECU after the dropped INT.

Auburn is winning


I want to be higher ranked THIS year. Let OU win all but one next year for all I care.

No Big 12 teams in the CFP please. Break it up and let us join the remnants (ex-UT/OU) or go West.

down goes #20

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Auburn 28 A&M 24 final

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If Auburn wins they’ll be 6-3 and the CFP will just replace Aggie with them.