SB Nation Bow Projections

I know, I know. Projections at this point in time are pointless. Nevertheless, here you go. The Cotton Bowl sure would be nice if we can’t crack the top four playoff spots.

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Obviously we would all love to go undefeated and be in the playoffs, but a Cotton Bowl appearance would be fantastic. Imagine the crowd we would have there. Every Cougar fan in driving distance would be there, or darned close enough.

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Cotton bowl, average ticket price is $250 … hmm

If we can’t make the playoffs, the Cotton Bowl would be great. Would love to play Tennessee this year and beat an SEC team in a Bowl Game.

Pick your opponent - Georgia

I agree with all the sentiments. Who doesn’t want to go undefeated and win it all, but all things considered we can’t complain about another new year’s six appearance against a top ranked team.

gives us time to budget out the tickets from here til’ December lol


That’s insane! My kid is due the 4th of January. I’m going to have to find some people to go with cause my wife won’t be able to.


Tell her to suck it up and make the trip. JK JK! Congrats on your new child!!!

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I would sure love to see a Cotton & Peach Bowl trophy in the lobby of our new Football Operation Building come 2018.

Lol I’m sure she’ll want to!

Name the kid Cotton!!!

By the time he grows up he can work for The Ocho

AKA, christmas present

Yeah, but you can watch the game on TV; but, being there with your wife is way more important. You will be glad you were there for the rest of your life. Besides, we will be going to NY6 games often.

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