So, it hasn’t come out yet. Kinda late. Wanna speculate?

We have Tx State at home, okie at home, and a Louisiana school. As far as I know. ULaLa?


@ TAMU, March 15th
Vs Okie, 3 day series
@ ULaLa
3 vs Rice. There, here, neutral
Tx State at home?
Three in Arizona.
SHSU! three games separate

This board used to be very active with some loyal fans….

I’ve been fooled enough over the last several years….hard to get excited.



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Houston Baseball needs to get back to its winning ways soon!

Will it be this year? Hope so, only time will tell.


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Team went 19-34 last year and lost its last 7 games in a row and a few key guys bolted for other programs. Not a whole lot to be excited about. But we have an entire new staff under Whitting and some fresh new faces. This is the dead period for baseball, Fall Ball is over, the players are wrapping up the semester and in weights and individual workouts. Come back to the board in January and things should pick up.

Haven’t seen any rosters updates. Being honest I’ve taken a break for awhile on baseball as that’s all life revolved around for 15+ years. I’ll be back and recharged after first of year.


I know waiting for January is fine, but it seems very odd that we haven’t even released a schedule yet and the season is starting soon. We normally release it in late September/Early October.

Maybe we’re rescheduling tough OOC schools for cupcakes like the football team did this year.

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You mean like SWAC schools?

I’ve seen that we are playing the first weekend in Arizona with TCU, Cal and San Diego St.

And Wichita St. released their schedule couple weeks ago. I think they come here first weekend in April and we go there early May.

So they can go 3-0 to start the year and give false hope?


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I still had hope when we should’ve won the series against Texas… But it was quickly lost with our start in conference play…


Looking at others schedules: Rice 3x, 1 @ txamcs, 3 @ la laf, 1 vs HBU.

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Schedule is posted. OOC series with UTRGV, Incarnate Word, Louisiana, Columbia and Western Carolina.

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How far have we fallen from the days of having top ten out of conference schedules?

Besides the teams mentioned above, the midweek games feature 3 SWAC schools, UTRGV again, McNeese, HBU, Lamar, Rice, Sam and one game at eATMe.

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Ooof… what a horrible schedule


Yep awful. Once again we will beat the poop out of many of these teams early and then crash back to reality.
Miss Raynor’s OOC schedules.
But who knows, maybe this team needs an easy schedule to get all the new comers some confidence


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Pathetic. Using the 2021 ncaa RPI’s (2019 boydsworld for Columbia): 32 OOC games; 1 vs a top 50 team (tcu @ 10); 7 vs top 100 teams; 7 vs sub-200 teams; OOC game average RPI: 153.25. Whitting may still be collecting his pay, but it looks to me like he’s already quit (trying).

I’m afraid it’s more like Whitting is telling the newcomers and returning players that he doesn’t have confidence in them.

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