Scholarship and Ability to Play

If a University awards a student a scholarship and he or she has been medically cleared to play does that student have a responsibility to play?

are you asking legally or morally?

Either or both.

Legally, I doubt it. Morally, If they are able to play they should. If they don’t want to play for whatever reason they should be honest and withdraw from the team rather than making a circus of the whole matter.


Cincy was lucky their qb did not have bruised knee.

Yep, this.

I am assuming the implication is that we should punish Ed and pull his scholly?

In six months he will be signing a multimillion dollar contract.

That’s my thought. I imagine that if we pull his scholarship, that would probably affect recruiting negatively.


I bet all the terms of NCAA div 1 scholarship are pretty uniform across all schools…shouldn’t be too hard to find them online.

Dormady has a scholarship, is he morally obligated to step it up and be better than King and get on the field? Do 85 scholarship players actually see the field in a given game? Do we really want to use 60 minutes of game time as evidence for charges of malingering and start pursuing that like this is the military?

Anyway, I’m pretty sure scholarships are for the year.

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I thought we were talking about the players responsibility to his team and the school, not what the school could do to the player. Of course the University should continue to honor the scholorship.

I meant to start a discussion about personal responsibilities.

I am not advocating suing the guy for damages incurred by his failure to provide his services.

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If you give a kid a scholarship and he turns out not to be any good do you feel personally responsible to play him ? Do you pull it and tell him to suck it up we made a mistake?

as long as coaches can bail, get millions in a buyout and kids have to sit a year to transfer I don’t want to hear about any player having personal responsibilities.

If you’re going to treat 5 star players like that then you can kiss getting any 5 star players in the future.


This would be the fastest track to getting your program blacklisted by high schools. I don’t think we’re a program that can afford to do that.

Ed will get his millions play or not.
However, he could be costing himself additional up front money with his actions.
Pro teams have to be viewing the blowup with Applewhite as extremely immature. And they have to ask the question if this behavior can be expected in the future with his new coaches (apologies or not).

Teams will also, for contract negotiation purposes ask him if he will quit on his new team if they are not in a playoff chase. The concern is that he has put his interests above the team.

And he magnified this with his blowup during the Game. It is going to cost him some initial contract money.

Last year Khawi Leonard was cleared medically and sat out the whole year. I have no idea how he was still paid.

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Best thing is for the whole Ed Oliver thing to fade away quietly. Jerking his scholarship this late is bad optics for only the school this time and not shared. Leave him be.

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Khawi was paid because he was under contract and showed up, but didn’t play. Unlike L Bell, who no called/no showed the season so he forfeited $14.5 million.

Student athletes would love for this to happen. It would mean they are employees. Which means any injuries they incur while at work, like slipping on cement and injuring their knee, would make the schools liable for multi-million dollar lawsuits.

Also open up hourly pay talks and bring in unionization.

And just how many has UH landed…ever? lol I think your point is moot.