Schools you didn't know were in the Big 12

Air Force- Wrestling
Alabama Crimson Tide - Women’s rowing
California Baptist University - Wrestling, University of Denver- Woman’s gymnastics
Cal State University - Equestrian (Horses)
University of Missouri- Wrestling
University of Northern Colorado - Wrestling
University of Northern Iowa - Wrestling
North Dakota State - Wrestling
University of Tennessee - Women’s rowing
Utah Valley University - Wrestling
University of Wyoming - Wrestling

Also, OSU (Cowboys) have won 34 national championships, Iowa State has won 8, and ASU has won 1, all within the last decade or so…

Seems like we might need to get involved in this wrestling business. Maybe Booker T can help us get a former olympian as a coach?


Easy on the Booker T.

We have Big Swoll to run that program.

UH’s Randy Thornton and the NLS.

We got this covered😜

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So your saying everyone already knew Fresno St was in the Big 12?
or is that cal state?

The Okla State wrestling program has won more national championships than any other. It’s much like our golf program–except they’ve maintained dominance over the last 20 years.
The National Wrestling Hall of Fame is in Stillwater, OK.

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Fertitta center seems like an epic arena to host the big 12 tourney. Wrestling is a dope sport that doesn’t get much coverage.

Happy fourth btw