Scott and Holman Podcast graded coaching staff

Two questions:

What is your grade for the University hiring Applewhite?

What is your grade for the staff that Applewhite assembled?

I would give the Applewhite hire a B+ (for reference, I would have given Herman’s hire an A- as the Broyles award winner, but unknown HC).

I would give the staff a B-. Some questions in that both the OC and DC hires have had success at previous schools and have been panned/canned at previous schools. D’Onofrio was successful at Temple, but struggled at Miami. Johnson struggled at Utah as a coordinator, but did well at Mississippi St.

I think there is some overreaction. I have stated before that I think people who didn’t like Applewhite being hired in the first place are the ones that have bigger issues with the staff.

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How can you give a grade without them coaching a single game yet? Once I see what they can do with OUR players I can grade accordingly.


Very similar to Sumlin’s staff. Veteran DC. Rising star OC. Solid OL coaches. Several young bucks on each staff with their first college job, including a local HS coach and a former NFL player.

And Applewhite himself has similar resume to Sumlin.

Now, if Applewhite wins 36 games over the next 4 years (like Sumlin did), we’ll all be happy. At least, those of us who are capable of happiness will be happy.


Referring to hires, not performance.