Season ticket card

How do you print tickets from the season card to give away.

Go to manage your account:

Login, click on Manage your Event next to the UConn Game and you should have an option to print your tickets.


Thank you sir.

You can also email them to the recipient if you know who will be using them.

This brings up a good question for the Louisville game.

Has anyone sold their tickets on the exchange?

I was thinking of selling my extra tickets stubhub, or SeatGeek, but I’m wondering what the pro/cons are of the exchange.

I sold some of my Louisiville tickets on the exchange. I think UH my get a cut of the fees if you sell them there…not sure though

Post in here you want to sell your Louisville game tickets to U of H fans. I have sold tickets and met up at the Party on The Plaza before games in the past to exchange tickets for cash.

I sold tickets to OU on StubHub and unsuccessfully tried to sell UConn tickets on the Ticketmaster exchange. The Ticketmaster exchange is much easier since you can do it all from your account and Manage Events with the electronic tickets. The fees seem pretty comparable (about 10% of the selling price) among the more popular sites.

I do not know which site is likely to be more successful in selling. StubHub is the one I would normally go to but people looking for tickets to the game might go to Ticketmaster to buy face and see your listing. Undecided on which is the better route (ease vs. more eyes).

And, yes, I pulled down my Ticketmaster listing yesterday after they did not sell. They will get used but I will not get the money I was hoping. The flood of tickets at low prices for this game convinced me I might as well give them to a buddy.

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