Season Ticket Package Update

Like a dumb arse, I went out to TDECU to pick up my seaon ticket package without calling first today. Banged on the window as all were covered and Jeremy Bowlers answered. Packages are not available for pick up or mailing because the electronic cards for our seats have not been delivered yet from the company contracted to make them. I asked when did he expect the ticket packages will be mailed and his reply was “I hope within the next 2 weeks.” I told him there have been instances in the past when packages were not delivered until one or two days before the first game and that would not be good this year.

All was not lost with my trip today as I planned to go to the book store and buy the Coaches Sideline Polo for this year. Found the rack and felt today was not my day to be an Alum. All they had in the red version was S, M and XL and I need a L. A nice attendant told me she thought they were sold out but she would check in the back. To my delight she came out with a Red L.

Also the Fan Shop in the TDECU garage is currently closed for remodeling.

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@coog74 your luck needs to change or you should not pick up your tickets for the Oklahoma game.

Thanks FinalFour. I am rolling the dice and changed my status from Will Call to mail.

Wow. That’s…wow.

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The more things change…

So, it seems that “nothing has changed,” in the ticket office or the athletic department either! If all the tickets are delivered on time, it will be a miracle.

Why are we paying Hunter Yurachek?

I agree EatemUp. The last year in the Rob I had not received my tickets the Saturday before our home opener. Called ticket office the following Monday and they said mailed a week ago, should have received by now. Got a call back in 2 hours or so and the ticket office representative said he found my package on the floor at the end of the postage machine all mangled up. So they had to special order a reprint of tickets and parking passes and an overnight delivery so I could make the first game. I asked how did someone not see my mangled package and got don’t know for an answer.

Just finished an on line chat with ticket office. They are hoping the electronic cards will be received today and expect to mail packages by the end of this week. Did confirm the cards have not yet been received from manufacturer. Asked about OU tickets not showing in Manage My Account - Will not show since these are NRG tickets and not U of H. So we will have to wait until packages delivered to see our seat location.


Nothing like waiting till the last minute. Every. Freaking. Year.

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Thanks for calling and getting the scoop. So that means the package stuffing is going to be a rush job. Bless those people having to do 22k packets correctly.

Actually did the online chat as when I have called before I get voice mail and have to wait for a return call. I would think they don’t have 22k packets because there are ticket holders with more than one ticket. But still a difficult job stuffing all of the packages. Like mine I have 4 seats, three parking passes, OU and Navy tickets so they need to make sure everything I purchased is in the package.

I’ve had an uber busy summer and haven’t kept up. What are the electronic cards in the seats y’all are referring to? I told them I would pick up my tickets after they were lost in the mail 2 years ago. What was fun is when someone would show up with tickets to my seats. I had already worked that out with the ushers. But someone please tell me about the electronic cards. I’m already nervous about something else that could go wrong.

They are similar to a security card key to get into buildings etc. You take them with you and the attendants have a scanner to let you in TDECU. There is a print at home option, but if you print you have to use the printed version as the card will be inactivated for printed tickets. Also in Manage My Account I believe you can actually email tickets and I think sell them. Would need to talk with ticket office or Cougar Pride on these 2. If you are still planning on picking up you package call the ticket office first to make sure they have it ready.

Does anyone know if the ticket office got the cards yet?

All - received an email from my ticket office contact early Friday evening and he said they received the cards. Started the final stuffing process of our packages yesterday and should be in the mail early next week.

Well, God help anyone who receives that package and then discovers an error! The very idea of mailing out the season-ticket packages just 10 or 12 days before the first game is totally ridiculous!

Hunter, are you paying any attention? In fact, are you even there?

I could understand if the nrg tickets were delaying the delivery but not the electronic cards. This is cutting it close…again.

Unless the Pony Express is involved in ticket delivery, this gives them plenty of time. Everybody will have their tickets in hand over a week before the OU game.

True but I am not using all of my tickets for the OU game and will not have much time to unload the extras or even know where those tickets will be. I know other season ticket holders for a P5 school that had everything over a week ago. As long as everything is right and I get them by next Friday, I should be good but I don’t understand why they cut it this close

They “cut it this close” - due to incompetence, maybe?

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