Season Ticket Perks

I wish there were some sort of perks for season ticket holders. The only thing we get is first dibs at playoff tickets, which has been a pipe dream the past few years.

Food vouchers, or even just a parking pass for the lot in right field. They used to at least have small discounts at the concession stand. Even a discount at the concessions and/or gift shop. Some sort of appreciation for those of us supporting the team year in and year out.

I know the dugout club exists. And I’m glad people are able to donate. And I’m not asking for those same kinds of perks. Me, I scrape and save for the $250 a year for my tickets Just something to show appreciation would be nice.


just wish they go back to “any time” ga tix


They have those. But it only gives you 20 tickets.

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then the guy i bought my season tix didnt know about them, cuz i asked specifically for that

This is what I find most troubling. Not that its a big deal specifically. But things like this tell you its not a tight ship over there. I mean if this is my personal business I expect my people to be masters of the small stuff. How does he up-sell a fence-sitter if he isn’t aware of the promotion himself?

Sometimes I think we have people in the ADs office that think driving revenue means asking Tilman for money.


This thread seems to be yet another that points toward the administration for at least partial accountability for the program. It appears to be an out of sight out of mind scenario for an AD that seems to have bigger fish to fry.
Not a tight ship at all … and bailing the Titanic with a tea cup. Revenue is a term that shouldn’t even be used since this program has nothing to sell. Any income generated could probably be classified more as “charity” and a possible perk could be a tax write off. Without criticizing individuals … the product put on the field by this program the last few years isn’t selling or competing and one would think they would pull out all stops to generate as much interest as possible. How about partnering with HEB, Kroger or other potential donors free hotdogs, popcorn, drinks etc. or whatever to garner attention and enthusiasm. USC (Southern Cal) has a beer tent at every home baseball game manned by university organizations and the profits go to a specified charity. $1 beers so obviously it’s donated and the donor gets lots of publicity, and I doubt cheap beer scares the fans away. Tremendous opportunity. We just played a game against Lamar … this board would be shocked at the amount of activity generated in and around that program and the community.

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CaptWilly drops the USC beer tent like a mic thunderously hitting the floor at the HS talent show!

I’m afraid everyone would just hang out at the beer tent all game long.

Yeah….but they would be there! :beer:. The hamburger tent behind first base used to draw well and was a good place to catch up with others and talk baseball.

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I was at Cincinnati during the UH series. Their concession stand had hot dogs, pretzels, nachos, popcorn, candy, and water/soda/Gatorade. That’s it. No burgers. No grills set up. I was there on a day that was warm, beautiful and sunny. Fan turnout was there. There were some students in the stands, including some Cincy basketball players. It would have been a perfect day for a beer tent, a grill with burgers and brats, etc. But concessions there were abysmal.

I think it has to do with manpower. No one wants to work that job right now. The foodservice companies contracted out to run concessions (Centerplate or whomever ) are severely understaffed just like everyone else. They’re lucky to have someone competent enough to hand over a pretzel out of the warmer and fill a cup with a fountain soda. Expecting them to have 4 extra members to open a second concession stand or grill burgers apparently just isn’t happening right now. It’s sad. But I guess what I’m saying is that it’s a national problem.

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You are right…I get it. Just unfortunate that we could not field an appealing enough team attendance-wise the last few years to justify the additional expenses involved.

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I guess one example that wouldn’t cost them much money. For years, the parking lot in right field was free. Now it’s $10, and we gotta park at the one in centerfield if we want to park for free.

Would some sort of gameday only parking pass for STH be that big a deal? It not costing anything except money they weren’t getting anyway, but a nice sign of appreciation for continued support. Especially these past few years.


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