Season Ticket Pricing Change

According to this seating map and pricing chart, the bleacher seats in Sections 307-308-309 cost $300 per seat.

But if you try to buy season tickets for those seats today on, they cost $180 per seat.

One explanation is that this implies the Oklahoma ticket cost $120. Another explanation is that there is a mistake in the pricing. Yet a third explanation may be that the price of UH season ticket prices have declined. I won’t venture a guess as to which is the case.

It’s clearly not the third as I’m in lower bowl and that’s the price of my tickets…

The extra $120 is $60 for OU and $60 for Cougar Pride.

Have you asked the Ticket office about this? If it is an error, I’m sure they’d like to know so they can fix it.

EECOOG … I think you’re on to something. It doesn’t look like the university is charging the Cougar Pride donation for those seats now. I don’t want to buy the seats, but I took it pretty far in the process. I don’t know whether it is intentional or not, but the Cougar Pride piece does look like the difference.

Duce360 … I haven’t contacted the ticket office because I’m not even sure that it is a mistake.

CP donation was $40 in the chart. Maybe no CP donation now and $80 OU value? For that OU value, those season ticket holders must be getting nice OU tickets compared with blue seat holders and general admission.

I bought 4 season tickets in section 308 about 3 weeks ago for $180 each. The OU game wasn’t included. My wife and I live in El Paso and won’t be able to make most the games so I was just going to buy 1 and was considering a second for my wife/friends. Seeing the price discount I was able to afford 2 and convince my UT alumni dad and huge UT fans brother to get one as well. So the #HtownTakeover continues. They were totally on the fence until I told them the price lol. So now is the time to convince the casual fans that they should get season tickets on the 50yd line for only $180.


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