Season Ticket Renewal Date?

At one point I understood it was April 1st. I’m assuming it has been extended. Any update?

Until this virus has run its course I doubt anyone really cares about tickets to a sporting event…


Our ticket office is proportionately the most solvent arm of the AD’s office right now. At any given time they were only paying one part-time employee.

He’ll, they ought to sell futures on the price of the tickets.

If I am not mistaken there are no U of H employees on campus except for the ones needed to take care of students in dormitories, if they have not left campus. If anyone is concerned about season tickets I suggest sending an email to your Cougar Pride contact. They are working remotely.

Prices are supposed to increase after today.

Put me in the “I’d be shocked” group if we actually have a college or pro football season for 2020.

As of today, the BEST CASE scenario has 100,000 Americans dying because of this virus. The worst case scenarios are 10 or 20 times that. We are already at 3,500 dead and we have a long way to go.

This is a highly contagious virus and I can’t see them containing it with enough certainty to believe they have it beat. In fact, even if we do contain it, they believe it will reappear in the fall as the temperatures start to drop.

I just don’t see any way that they are going to allow large sporting events, or concerts, to go on until they fully understand how this thing cycles through the seasons and they feel they have it under control.

Until then, I think there is ZERO chance they will allow 110,000 people to jam into a stadium to watch say an Ohio State vs. Michigan.

Now, the sport that might come online first would be the NBA but, with heavy precautions with a scenario something like this…

-All teams, or a cluster of teams, play in the same neutral court location. This is to limit possible travel.
-All players, coaches, referees, media, etc. will be tested each day to prevent the spread.
-No fans will be allowed in the arena…this will be a TV only deal.

Something like this would have to happen before they allow packed stadiums.

I hope UH has Pandemic, or Force Majeure, insurance to cover the lost revenue.

There is already talk within the NCAA to reduce from 14 (8 women, 6 men) to 10 or even fewer sports for a school to be D1. Likely to be a reality if no football. Add in the cost for a year of additional scholarships for spring sports, there could be some major fallout long term.

It’s my understanding the deadline to renew without the price going up is April 3rd.

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On March 16, I received an email from Houston Athletics. Following is most of the verbiage:

With the focus and priority on the health and well-being of our community, Houston Athletics is extending the upcoming renewal deadline for 2020 football season tickets.

Our hope is to ease any concerns that you may have as you go through the process to renew your tickets for next season.

A new payment schedule and renewal deadline will be released at a later date, but unrenewed seat(s) will not be dropped at this time.

Fans still have the ability to renew their season tickets and take advantage of our “Early Bird” pricing for the upcoming 2020 season by clicking here.

If you have any questions, please contact the UH Athletics Ticket Office via email or by calling.

Our thoughts are with all of you as we collectively adjust to these new, unprecedented circumstances; but TOGETHER WE CAN!

I have not heard anything since…


I sent them a question about the early bird pricing. The only answer they gave me was the deadline is being extended beyond 4/1. So…they really didn’t answer my question.

I will not be concerned with renewing my football tickets until I know we are going to have a season. Agree with UH 1927 that the season is in doubt though

I don’t know much about season tickets for UH (I can get a student ticket), but is the early bird pricing a discount from last year’s prices or is it the same as last years pricing and then the rates go up from last year?

The latter.

I was told April 3rd as well. I will renew in good faith and hope for the best.

“However, any renewals not paid after April 3rd will result in the ticket price increasing by $15 and the per-seat donation increase by $10. That will be applied to each of your seats.”

Renewed mine on Valentine’s Day.

Basketball renewals were due out pretty soon as well but I did not see the renewal on my account yet.


It doesn’t make sense to me why a school raises their rate after such a poor season (though I am not surprised by much in college athletics). It makes sense for season ticket holders to be miffed over it. Is there at least a waiting list for season tickets? I imagine there won’t be now if there was.

I know other schools that are not raising rates even before the panic, and have since established extended payment plans through June/July (not just extended deadline) without raising rates. It would seem to be a good idea here, and for many schools.

I talked to John Noud (and Brandy) from Cougar Pride this afternoon. They told me the NEW deadline for football season tix has been extended to August 1st…

I have had season tickets since 1981. So this is bizarre to say the least, but we are dealing with a really bad hand dealt to everyone.

I would assume that we will all get an email to this effect very shortly…

Keep Calm and Go Coogs…

Yeah, I’m in the group of not doing anything any time soon regarding financial renewals.

I went ahead and renewed mine…dropped all of my extras as they pretty much went unused last season…will look to upgrade to the club during the upgrade period…or maybe even a loge box if any come available