Season Ticket Renewal

Just completed my football season ticket renewals
online. For ticket delivery , there was only an option
for etickets via QR codes. No physical ticket or season plastic cards as in years past. Or I just didnt
see an option to select the method :frowning: This is not a big deal to me as I assume it saves costs; but for souvenir hounds it may be a bit irritating.

Also enjoyed looking at the parking map in the glossy 2021 Membership Guide. For this season the map shows we are going to rotate E Cullen 90 degrees and bring back the old Quad. Just in case you walk the campus, dont get lost :wink:


I have been liking the tickets on my phone, its been working well.


Ive used them a few times for Mens basketball game tickets purchased and it worked fine, no
complaints. But after seeing that Houston / UCLA
BB ticket from the 60s the other day, something sentimental is lost. We live in a more virtual online world everyday.

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We have had the QR tickets for a couple of years without the option of paper or tbe credit card haven’t we ?

Could be; previously I thought I picked the media option and I always chose the paper or credit card option for football. For 2020 I had none :flushed:. 2019
I had paper and 2018 credit card …but I could have those years mixed up.

One of the make up games gave me problems. I got the revised e-mail and downloaded to my wallet. Got to the game, and I only received ONE ticket instead of TWO. Took the ticket office at the F. C. about 10 minutes to work it out. Had to resend me the email which included both tickets . . . . . Fortunately, we always try to arrive just about the time the doors open, so we did not miss any of the game . . . . .

Hopefully we won’t have any COVID problems with scheduling this fall in any of our sports.

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Anyone have a clue on how season tickets sales are looking?

That seems always to be a rather guarded number that is not enthusiastically
published by the athletic department. I would like to know it historically as well to
judge if we are making progress in efforts to build things. The number of Cougar pride
Donor accounts would probably be better number to gauge state of our base supporters.
My guess is number of base supporters is only around 4,000. If each supporter purchased
4 tickets we’d have 16,000 season tickets sold ; but maybe most supporters purchase only 2 tickets ? And of course a few individuals purchase more.

From Houston Chronicle article it appears we are on a steep decline for last 5 years, even tossing
aside 2020.

Dec 10, 2020 — After selling a program-record 23,489 season-tickets in 2016, UH sold 18,625 in 2017, 16,675 in 2018 and 14,801 in 2019. The school sold 4,410 season-ticket packages for the COVID-19-

2016 was last year of Tom Herman, followed by 2 down years with Applewhite and 1 with Holgerson ( again throwing out 2020 COVID ). If only we could have built on 2016.

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