Season Ticket Renewals

Season Ticket Renewals went out today. It looks like the price went down according to the email. However, the ticket office website and Ticketmaster account show last year’s prices. I just emailed the ticket office about this, I don’t know why they couldn’t spend some time to edit this information before sending out the email. However, I bet they want to get people early to buy tickets while they have football fever.

You’re right that they went down. GA is 80 dollars now. It looks like we’ll have 16 home games, and they’ve priced it right at 5 dollars a ticket. It makes sense. Last year, if you bought tickets at 5 dollars a piece at the gate and went to all of the games, you actually paid LESS than a season ticket that was 99 plus the order charge.

Now depending on which ticket window you went to, you sometimes were told that the 5 dollar tickets were sold out and you could only buy 10 dollar tickets, but nonetheless, they’re making the GA season ticket match the idea of 5 dollars a ticket this year.

The reserved 2 is less also. It’s 130 where it was 150 last year. I sit in reserved 2, so that’s how I know that.

I don’t know if the price on reserved 1 changed.

I realized when I looked at my Ticketmaster account, I read it wrong. I didn’t actually look at the invoice to see that the price for tickets was correct and that the total included $20 processing fee. Here I thought they had an error.

I have been a donor and season ticket holder for football and basketball since the late 70’s. Even though I was a night student and could have used my student ticket books, I purchased season tickets and donated to the athletic department. Over the years, as a volunteer, I have worked on fund drives and manned phone banks to solicit donations and sell tickets. I have been a donor for almost 40 years and am also a life member of the Alumni Association.

I have had my seats in Hofheinz Pavilion Section 106, Row F, Seats 9 and 10 for 34 years after being able to secure them after sitting for several years in a different spot. More importantly, I have only missed about 6 or 7 games since 1984 when I worked in Alaska during basketball season. When the place was virtually empty, I was there cheering even when we had nothing to cheer about. Yet, now I am told my seats were taken from me and reassigned to one of the coaches wives who wanted them. I wasn’t asked or even notified. I had to complain to find out what happened. I can’t begin to tell you how angry I am and betrayed I feel. This is just not right! We have had coaches and staffs come and go since Guy lewis retired, yet none felt entitled to just take seats from season ticket holders.

We constantly hear about trying to create loyalty from the alumni and fans; how about a little loyalty to them? no, I won’t threaten to withhold my donations, nor will I cease to be a season ticket holder because my loyalty is to my alma mater, not the coaches or athletic department. But, I am still very disappointed and let down by this turn of events.


If this is what happened, it is wrong. If you had failed to renew your tickets by the deadline then they would be fair game but the deadline hasn’t even arrived.

That’s appalling.

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Disgusting. And completely unsurprising. Where are the adults in the AD’s office?

Have the TO told you that you are NOT going to get to keep those seats…or is this just a screw up ?

OH MY GOSH. That’s not even… What the? Have you sent an email to Hunter? I can’t imagine he would send you back a reply telling you, “Well… Sorry.”

The girl in the ticket office I talked to said she couldn’t do anything about it. She did offer to move me to another area, but I said to leave it as it is and I will write to the folks who can make a difference and see what happens. I have written what I posted to Dr. Khator, Hunter Yurachek, and Jeramiah Dickey. I will se what, if anything will come of it. I know the Dr. Khator and HY are doing the B12 negotiations and AAC media stuff now, so I don’t expect to hear from them any time this week.

The other thing is I just found out they got rid of the flex tickets that were implemented for OOTCs. No renewal from me, just single game tickets when I am in town.

Well, the old " I cannot do anything about it" line sounds like the typical lazy cop out.

You will most likely need a face to face with the ticket manager.

I would think he might see the light !!

Are you saying that the general admission tickets are no longer anytime tickets?

That is exactly what I am saying. Not happy! Wrote the AD and the ticket office.

When - oh when - will we ever get some real LEADERSHIP in the athletic department. This screw up in the ticket office is OUTRAGEOUS, and way too typical!

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