Season Tickets

So, the season is about to begin; has anyone received their season tickets yet? I have not! Darn, one of these days, our ticket office is going to mail season tickets at the end of the season.


I haven’t. No word from Ticket office either.

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Pat it’s tradition. You’ll recieve your home season tickets a week before the game.


A week before the first home game…lol. next Tuesday.

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Just called the ticket office to ask about an extra ticket to the Washington State game (they do have them, in case anyone else wanted to know). Anyway, they said season tickets are going out today.


I received a UPS delivery notice from the athletic ticket office today, so something’s happening.

Got a message 39 minutes ago from UPS saying package from UH ATHLETIC TICKET OFFICE will be delivered tomorrow.

Till this day I’ve never received a email from UPS or a tracking number…

Have you signed up with UPS My Choice for notifications? I did long ago for my home office. I believe the notification I just received on my tickets is through that service, not a function on UH ticket office,


I did as well. Should be delivered today.

Thank you just did that

Notification set for Wednesday delivery…

Any dot counters this year…I don’t think I can count that high…

I got a UPS notice that I will have them tomorrow.
Then I got one saying it changed to Wednesday


You’re not alone

Just got an e-mail this morning.

Just got one as well from the athletic department. Nice to see them contacting season ticket holders directly for those who don’t have an UPS account.

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I got nothing from UPS, USPS, or UH. Typical

Received email this morning indicating delivery tomorrow. There is a shipping tracking link in the email.