Season Tix Sales website down?

I routinely check into to get a feel for how certain sections (225, 226, and 332) are selling. I’m sure it’s just a temporary situation, but I haven’t been able to see the link to UH football season ticket sales all day today.

I’m not sure what’s going on. The only plausible explanation I can come up with is that we’re approaching the deadline for ensuring that the OU game is part of the package. Perhaps there needs to be some software updates related to pricing / logistics for season ticket packages in order to make this transition.

Yes, they are having issues and are aware of the problem. They are working on the fix. The deadline for the OU game to be in the season ticket package was last Friday so that might be part of the issue.

I talked to Jake today and he said they were installing a new computer system and had hoped to have it back up by tonight. Regardless he took my order for tickets to the SMU and Texas State games and will email my receipt when system is back up.

I had been trying to show a co-worker who went to the University of the Philippines, but is a football fan and especially likes Case Keenum, how reasonable the tickets are and what is available. But the system was down. I will get back with her when the system is back on line. Her husband, another co-worker, is also a big football fan, but so far they have only gone to Texan games.

I noticed the Web problem as well. I also saw a graphic that said “6 pack” (season tix without OU game) are available now, mini plans will be available next month and single games home tickets go on sale 8/8.

UP…the fightin’ Pacquiaos

TicketMaster’s season ticket site seems back up. There are a couple of strange things there, though …

  1. There are no available seats on the north side second deck. I do not believe it is sold out. Section 226 had a few seats left and Section 225 had lots of tickets last week, and there’s still Section 224.

  2. Every reserved seat in the house looks like it costs $180. While it is reasonable that a season ticket package without the OU game would be prorated downward in price, for certain sections (e.g. Section 332), this is a price increase with fewer tickets. Last week, seats in 332 could be purchased for $124, and that included the OU game.

Dot counters will have a field day. It appears that tons of seats that were withheld from the system last week are now available.

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It looks like a few wrinkles are being ironed out. Reserved seats such as Section 332 that were previously priced at $124 including the OU game are now $124 without the OU game. The early bird got the worm.

A new interesting thing I noticed is that a pair of Row AA tickets is available in Section 314. Section 314 is in the west end zone on the south side. This is the section used to seat visiting fans when they need a lot of tickets. Last year, a number of Texas State and Navy fans sat in 314. I’ve always found those south side Row AA tickets to be interesting. I wouldn’t trade my tickets for them, but I can see how Row AA would appeal to a lot of people.

I sit in row AA almost right at the east goal line and love them. Being the only row there has proven to be so convenient and you do have a great view.

TAMU91, are you in section 332? I got three on the fourth row. Great value with the OU game. Funny that those three SEASON tickets were less than the FSU game where I was also in the second deck corner of the endzone.

Cougar Pride donations are set for the fall and the ticket office is going to allocate OU tickets based upon season ticket seat pricing. Each block of pricing goes in order and then by CP points. Sounds very fair.

Eventually, I figure that the $124 season tix will go down to $99. I can’t make the Thursday night games. Well, maybe one. And the back to back weekends are tough with a tween and teen.

TriState … I’m on the front row of 232. I watch 332 because I think 332 is likely to be the first of the $124 sections to sell out. In my opinion, 332 is the best of the value sections. On the 10 yard line … close to the band … close enough to the students to feel their electricity.

Couldn’t resist last night. Just under 5900 blue dots on the South side upper deck.

So we essentially have already equaled the ticket sales of TAMU vs ASU.

I like it.

The 5900 are dots on UH’s season ticket site (not the OU game).

I wouldn’t be surprised if the OU game is very close to the TA&M/ASU game though. At one point there were only about 4K tickets left on the ticketmaster site but then they released a thousand or two more. I was expecting them to release a lot more.

Thanks for the clarification. I don’t know why I thought you were referring to the OU game.

These threads all run together in my mind sometimes too. :confused:

Here’s a screen shot of current NRG availability. Keep in mind they hold back just like UH has and I’ve never seen any available in the ver upper end zone sections so take this with a large grain of salt.

Eyeballing it I would say 4000 or so blue dots:

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