Seat swap/Bench swap

TSU’s HP&E is a really nice arena.
When we got our tickets we were told they were going to be changed due to the Cougar’s changing the side of the court that our team bench was on.
Ticket office mailed out new tickets, swapping those affected seats.
In the last game, the bench was still on the other side.
Are they going to move the tickets again? Or move the team bench?

The benches were swapped after the exhibition game.

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UH played TSU there during the McCallum regime and I said that night man this place is really nice.

Do you know why? I noticed that the teams walk to the dressing rooms on the opposite of the bench they sit on. Seems easier to switch the benches so the teams are not crossing in front of each other. Except for Coach because at the halftime break, he went running into and down the Arkansas hallway before the Arkansas team could get into the hallway. Just seems like an odd arrangement.

Not 100% sure, but thought Sampson asked for the change after the exhibition for some reason. Odd because the way they were at exhibition is how they were oriented at Hofheinz. We have been trying to figure out why Sampson goes the opposite way from the team at halftime as well!

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