Seats (mostly) at 300:301 seat(s) 8-9 for UTSA, TCU, Sam and even Texas

I’m not experienced at this, how am I able to sell and transfer my tickets to someone else? Keep in mind, I bought the “Lone Star” 4-pack. Thanks in advance.


Okay, I’ve figured it out. My seats are now up on SeatGeek, so if you’re interested, have at it.

For the following games:

UTSA (September 2)–Section 300:301 Row 8, Seat(s) 8-9 for $35 apiece

TCU (September 16)–Section 300:301 Row 8, Seat(s) 1-2 for $40 apiece

Sam Houston (September 23)–Section 300:301 Row 8, Seat(s) 8-9 for $25 apiece

Texas (October 21)–Section 300:301 Row 8, Seat(s) 9 for $225

For more, go to

Here’s how I have done it previously.

1: screenshots and text to the person
2. StubHub allows you to enter the digital number for the tickets.
3. Inside the UH app you can transfer them to the person using their email address.

I put some tickets on stubhub last week and there was nowhere to enter barcodes anymore.

There is a transfer button on your cougar pride account screen.

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This is a sure way to yield to the opposing team’s fans.

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I had buys for both TCU and Sam and neither were for the opposition.

The Texas game ticket is still available if anyone is interested for $225. The ticket I plan on using that night will cost significantly (SIGNIFICANTLY) more if you want it bad enough. It’s right next to the one reasonably (relatively speaking) for sale.

Did you get $40 each for TCU game?

No, I reduced the price to the SeatGeek recommended price of $16 apiece because I wanted to ensure they sold. I strongly considered going but couldn’t find anyone to go with me and drive me to the stadium. So it was the last minute and I didn’t really want to go bad enough. I did get my Sam tickets sold already for $15 apiece, so I made a slight profit.