The SEC seems unimpressed with the Alliance’s desire for autobids.


GREAT!!! … at least they are talking about expansion …

If they can agree to 12 teams that would solve A LOT of issues … but I suspect they will start off at eight which is fine … the NCAA basketball playoffs started out like this and only got better every season …

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SEC wants the chance to get 3 10-2 teams into those at large spots


It going to be 12 take it to the bank. PAC ACC needs to get past having guaranteed spot

Hopefully it will be 12 … first round … top two or four teams have a bye … the other eight fight it out to face the top teams …

EVERY P5 champ gets a spot plus the top G5 … the remaining will come from the best of the P5s chosen by the CFP committee …

I would prefer that CFP committee be abolished and a committee of HC and sports writers be chosen instead …


There is no reason they cannot go back to the old BCS model to decide the rankings. Having a mix between computer and human voting is the best choice.


With AI technology they don’t need any human input. This takes the total bias out of the equation. Imo


But…crap in crap out. Someone has to program the computer.


LoL…knew this was going to be someone rebuttal, AI doesn’t work that way. :relaxed::relaxed:

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I agree. AI technology will one day make these decisions.

Don’t autobids take a little subjectivity out of the equation and come closer to everyone having a shot?

I’m for auto bids for all p5 and 1 to the g5 then have the other 6 open to the next 6 best regardless of conf. If no auto bids, it seems to hurt the big12 and allows the sec to stack the pile. The g5 would still have a great shot at getting 2 in under the auto bid deal and the Acc , Big10 and pac would be happy bc if it was this yr, the Acc could be left out playing a tougher schedule than a utsa or San Diego st. I already said this on another string so I’ll stop at this.

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P5 Autobids helps the New Big 12 tremendously and will impact the next media contract significantly after OU and tu leave.

We should be TOTALLY PUSHING for the 5 + 1 model now.


If I am the PAC12 or ACC or even the Big 12, No way I am voting for any CFP expansion that doesn’t include a guaranteed spot for conference champs.

Otherwise what is the point? You will just end up making the SEC and BIG10 richer, since in the other scenario, they would easily place at least three teams a piece (Bama, OSU, Michigan, MSU, UGA, LSU, PSU) and maybe even a fourth (UF, Wisconsin, Iowa, TAMU, Auburn, UTee).

That would leave 6 spots for the other 3 conferences, plus G5. Give one to the Big 12 champ (maybe?), Clemson and USC, and then one G5 and that is it. Again, because the spot is not guaranteed, you could end up with no PaC12, ACC or Big 12 teams in the CFP. I mean it’s likely a good USC/Oregon and Clemson/FSU would be invited, but honestly I don’t see the CFP committee going out of its way to invite an 9-3 VaTech or UNC team, even if they won the conference, unless it was required to.

If you don’t give some credence to winning your conference, then the regular season would get diminished.


Won’t the CFP Ministry of Truth have to validate the results?

Autobids keeps the conference championship games relevant.


If you look at how we’re ranked this year the newB12 would have an excellent shot at getting multiple teams in every year.

The B12 will essentially be fighting the B10 and SEC for the remaining four slots after all the champs and Notre Dame get their tickets.

The issue is they will find a way to screw the g5 and play them against the #1 team at their place the first round. So SDst/Boise not only has to win their CCG but then they turn around and fly to Columbus or Tuscaloosa the next week every year.

Unlike the present…at least they have a chance.

Aresco guming up the works actually it’s a brilliant move on his part he’s allied himself with the SEC and B12 he effectively makes the AAC pseudo P6 assuming they can keep up there on field performance. Seems SEC is allied with him and B12 too off set the Alliance

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Civil War 2.0

Alliance vs. Aresco and his gang

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