Sec Big 12 rumor mill

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It would make sense bc the other 3 p5s might not play the sec and OU and UT want out so maybe. The sec doesn’t like road games ooc which could be the hang up but they could schedule 3 easy at home then travel to big12 and we travel there for their 4 ooc game.


Yes. That is great for UH. Great OOC games and a pathway to CFP.

Buy it’s also from the the WV Dude so it could be completely made up.


This is good news and a win win situation.

It could be but it seems to make sense bc the other p5s might not play sec teams so they need 1 good ooc game each yr.

LSU played UCLA this yr for ex and in the future UCLA might says no then they need us.

Doubt it. We beat them there before. Bad for business.

The same poster came up with this:
“Sooner than you think. The ACC must expand and WVU is the best value and best fit available.”


I deleted my post when I realized who did that.


Well, if it gets FBS closer to an actual playoff, I’ll go for it.

I’m not as concerned about expanding the playoff as I am with getting a scheduling agreement with the SEC. That is $$$$$$$, SOS, and conference viability.


Has that twitter guy ever been right??

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Hey have some respect. It’s not “a” dude from WV, it’s THE dude from WV! :roll_eyes:


Hey TimmyChan…


I’m just saying, THE Dude from WV didn’t just get that title out of a Cracker Jack box. I’m pretty sure he earned it.


This dude has absolutely no sources and has been wrong multiple times.

Why is he allowed to be posted on this board?


Regardless, the sec might need the big12 bc the other 3 have an alliance and prob won’t schedule sec teams

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The SEC doesn’t need the Big 12 lol

The only reason they would ever offer an alliance is for the rumor above which is most likely fake


I can see UT and OU try to work in some scheduling agreement with B12 for early release, but not the entire SEC. Even then, the agreement would be with original B12 teams. No way would UT agree to play UH under any conditions.

It’s no different than what UL did with AAC when they left conference.

Please don’t tell me any of you consider “the dude of wv” a credible source. SMH…


If people have to be accurate to post on this board, it will be very quiet around here…


Doesn’t make sense on its face. The Big 12 needs a 12-team playoff format a lot more than the SEC does.

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