SEC playoff

…for UH Law and the others with their heads in the sand.

Nah, that’s just talk. After a couple of go-rounds, only people in the SEC footprint would care, which affects viewership. Which affects money.


Yes…it is preliminary talks but my take all along is

  1. just like with our Big East invite, by the time we play our first game in the Big 12, A LOT will have chsnged
  2. Look for the SEC and the B1G 10 to add ALL the value brands eventually. 2 24 team conferences or 4 12 team conferences - B1G East and West + SEC North and South

The B1G won’t add West Coast schools or non-AAU schools except Notre Dame.

They might add UNC, UVA, and possibly GaTech, as I’ve said before.

The SEC may add Clemson, Florida State, and possibly Miami, again, as I’ve said.

As for a SEC only playoff, it ain’t happening. This is SEC bluster to try and force a playoff expansion.

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The Big 12 won’t be like the Big East. The caliber of the football is too good.

OTOH, what you want is to put us in the WAC 2.0. A West Coast to Houston conference destined to fail for all the same reasons the WAC did.

Speaking of the SEC.

To be clear, most of the SEC teams can’t hang with the richer schools of the north and west should those schools decide to enter the pay-for-play game. For the last couple decades the SEC has enjoyed lots of recruiting advantages due to facilities and TV exposure. They may still have those, but if plain old cash becomes the newest recruiting tool, the SEC loses big.

Yes and no.

aTm obviously has the money.

UT will as well.

But that’s the problem for Saban and the rest. The other SEC schools don’t have enough wealthy boosters to keep the NIL honeypot as full.

Out West, USC might. But other PAC-12 programs might not.

As for UH….I dunno.

This is what scared the crap out of me when the USSC made its ruling.

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You must have to vacuum you house constantly to get rid of all that sand you drag in.

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The SEC playoff thing is a threat against the conferences that voted against expanding the playoff.
They aren’t going to do that.

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I never have that issue.

The way I avoid it is by not advocating the absurd, impossible, and undesirable.

Any SEC only playoff isn’t happening.

It’s bluster to force a playoff expansion.

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oh no! The sky is falling once more! Where is Henry Penny when you need her?

That sounds like you, the PAC12 lover with his California beachfront property.


Im not talking about just this SEC playoff, im talking about your overall denial of how the conferences are reshuffling their pieces.

…and the Big 12 has been rhe bigger loser. Yes, its a better conference than the AAC but to think rhe Big 12 is the top of the mountain is laughable.

The B1G could EASILY create a B1G West sub conference + B1G East to get around the travel issue. Simple solution.

There is NO WAY a school luke USC will be content being in an inferior conference IF the B1G and SEC take 24 members each.

Very soon, this Thread will be changed n called the Law/1927 Smack off. :laughing::grin:

More like self appointed commissioner of NCAA football with doomsday theories.

No matter what happens, UH will still have a football team and I will still go to games.

And beachfront property in California? No thanks. Cali is filled with either homeless or those soon to be.

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I don’t think the BOR of great universities consider conference affiliation before addressing AAU…at least on the public level. But deep down at the subterranean level I think they do.

That’s why ISU’s decision to leave AAU might have been the most stabilizing thing for the conference. I feel certain they had channels open to the B10 to see what it would take to eventually move over. And I think they were told it wouldn’t happen in our lifetimes.
And I’ll bet that was the final nail in their AAU coffin. Or at least partially a deciding factor.

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The conferences may indeed shuffle some schools. I’ve NEVER denied that.
And if they do, it’ll be in a manner similar to the way that I described above and in the past….NOT in the way that you describe or hope for.

The B1G and PAC-12 are NOT merging in order to play one conference championship game. Conferences are created to facilitate regular season, NOT post-season play. That’s a pretty simple concept, and I have a hard time understanding why you can’t seem to understand that. They are NOT created for post-season play.

The Rose Bowl game already exists to do what you describe (pit the B1G champion versus the PAC-12 champion in many cases). A conference merger isn’t needed for that, and as such, won’t be created simply to do that. Given the expense involved in regular season play for non-revenue sports, an East Coast to West Coast conference simply AIN’T happening. Hell, a West Coast to Gulf Coast conference (the WAC) already failed for that very reason…and you theorize that a conference is going to be created from East Coast to West Coast?


The B1G has NEVER expanded EXCEPT within or immediately adjacent to its existing geographical footprint for that very reason. Don’t look for that to change. If it does expand, it’ll be to AAU schools that are either within or immediately adjacent to its existing footprint (like UVa and UNC), or to the one non-AAU within its footprint that is worth it (Notre Dame).

Given that divisions are already on their way out in major conferences, don’t look for conferences to reverse course and bring them back/expand them in the way that you described above.

The PAC-12 has already dropped its divisions, thus showing a clear preference against divisions. Given that, I can’t imagine why you think an even bigger division set-up is going to take place involving the PAC-12 and B1G. The current trend is AGAINST divisions, …NOT towards bigger divisions, as you suggest. I’m not sure why you can’t see that obvious trend.

I would not worry about the Big 12 being like the BE. Half the BE were basketball schools with no football, thus a big divide. In the Big 12, I think there are only 3 schools that are partial members and do not play football in the Big 12 - Fresno St, Alabama, and Tennessee, but all 3 have their football in other conferences.

As to the break away, I also see that as a possibility, but not until after the ACC grant of rights expires in 10 years. For it to happen sooner, the schools would have to vote to disband the ACC (removes the grant of rights), meaning most of the schools will have been invited to the SEC and Big 10. I do not see that happening easily.

The ACC GOR runs through 2036 (14 years). This is common knowledge.

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